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Over the last several years, we've written a slew of headlines related to Netflix and a good chunk of them have been about original programming. The subscription streaming services has been increasing its original programming at crazy-fast rates, and that move is only anticipated to continue into 2016. Regardless, the abundance of original programming over at Netflix does have one big downside for users: A huge portion of the budget is being given to original content, which means we'll see fewer and fewer licensed content deals in 2017.

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What's a licensed content deal? Basically, it's everything that Netflix currently offers that is not produced and initially aired on Netflix. Licensed shows and movies are deals made between Netflix and a TV or movie production company to bring second-run programs to the streaming service. Stuff like Friends or Zootopia, both currently available on Netflix, were licensed to the subscription streaming service for a fee. Forbes says that Netflix's original programming budget has been increased to the point where the streaming service will be producing 67% more originals in 2017 than the company did in 2016. That's a big difference---and it's going to mean fewer shows will be hopping from cable/network TV to Netflix when the New Year rolls around.

Netflix has already outright stated that in the future, the streaming service's content will be 50% originals, and while we aren't quite there, yet, that certainly seems to be the direction the streaming service is heading. A slew of originals have already left Netflix, and this coming month we will see the company lose all of the HGTV content that has carefully been selected and changed up on Netflix over the years. HGTV felt it was in its best interests to not renew the deal with Netflix, but other shows have left the service because Netflix has let them lapse.

If you are a regular Netflix user, you may not find this news to be too surprising. Our readers in particular have seemed fairly unsurprised when Netflix has pulled a big show or movie from the lineup. A lot of shows with big fandoms--Battlestar Galactica or Doctor Who--have already been gone from the streaming service for a while. What's most interesting about this change from licensed content to more originals is that it doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Right now, Netflix is spending a huge chunk of its budget in order to create new programming. For a while it seemed like the company would just continue to produce new episodes, but that has finally stopped, with shows like Bloodline and Marco Polo getting the axe in recent months. Still, there's more money being poured into originals than anything else. You can find out what new programs Netflix already has schedule for 2017, here.

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