Watch Jason Momoa Go Full Badass In New Frontier Trailer

Netflix is going to get a whole lot more badass in just a couple of weeks, as this is when Jason Momoa's new period drama Frontier will finally become available in the U.S. A killer trailer for the series has hit the web, and it promises to bring just as much intensity and savagery as we've come to expect from Momoa. Take a deep breath, gird your loins, and check out the bearded beast in Frontier:

The action of Frontier will take place in the late 19th century and center around the North American fur trade. Conflicts will arise between Native tribes and the Europeans who are moving in on their lands in the pursuit of furs that will fetch a high price. It's a time and place where negotiations can start in honest civility and end in an all-out brawl that leaves many dead and/or dying. Jason Momoa plays the untamed and charismatic Declan Harp, whose confidence, ambition, and physical abilities combine to make him a formidable player in the fur trade.

Going by the trailer, it's clear that Declan Harp doesn't really pull his punches with anybody. Of course, trailers are sometimes misleading so as to not spoil key plot points, but I'm going to hazard a guess that the orderly and disciplined redcoats are probably going to do a lot of bleeding and dying throughout Season 1. In addition to being charismatic and untamed, Declan seems very enthusiastic when it comes to stabbing.

The unrestrained violence of the Frontier trailer makes it difficult not to compare Declan Harp to Jason Momoa's Game of Thrones character. Fortunately, we don't have to worry that Declan will meet as premature an end on Frontier as Khal Drogo did on Game of Thrones. Frontier has already been renewed for a second season, and Momoa has been confirmed as returning for another batch of episodes. Considering that Season 1 will run for only six episodes, I'd say it's only fair that we already know that a Season 2 is on the way. Season 1 won't take long to watch from beginning to end.

Some lucky folks have already gotten the chance to watch Frontier Season 1. The show was produced by Discovery Canada as its first original scripted drama, and all six episodes have already aired in Canada. Americans have had to wait a while longer for access to the episodes. At least folks in the U.S. will have the wonderful option of watching multiple episodes in a row. Sure, the Canadians got Frontier first, but the Americans can binge-watch their hearts' delights.

The entire first season of Frontier will debut on Netflix (opens in new tab) on Friday, January 20 at 12:01 a.m. PT. Check out our midseason TV premiere schedule and our 2017 Netflix premiere schedule to see what else you can catch on the small screen in the not-too-distant future.

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