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It's hard to believe, but Netflix's Stranger Things was released in its entirety a whopping six moths ago. Since then, we've seen Stranger Things characters being among 2016's the most popular Halloween costumes, the child actors rise to fame through appearances on talk shows, and nobody could look at Christmas lights the same this past holiday. One of the most common conversations revolving around Stranger Things and its inevitable return has been everyone's favorite character: Barb. Is there any chance that Nancy's best friend will somehow survive her slug filled state and return for Season 2?

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The rumor of Barb's return gained some serious traction after this past Sunday's Golden Globe Awards. Host Jimmy Fallon did a fantastic La La Land inspired musical number to open the show, where the Stranger Things kids appeared, Millie Bobby Brown rapped, and it was revealed that Barb was just fine. Unfortunately, this isn't exactly true, and Brown has since elaborated to EW, saying:

No, she's not alive!

Just as the Duffer Brothers and the rest of the cast has been saying since Season 1 ended, Barb is totally dead for good. So don't let that hooligan Jimmy Fallon convince you otherwise.

Of course, this isn't great news for the many Stranger Things fans who were hoping to see more of Barb in Season 2. While she only appeared for a few episodes, Barb was a fan favorite due to her strong sense of self, her morality, and outsider status. She was an innocent victim to the Demogorgon's attack, and her absence was never really explored in the show's first season.

But there is a glimmer of hope. The Duffer Brothers have assured that there will be #JusticeForBarb in Season 2, meaning that Stranger Things will finally address the missing child who didn't happen to be Will Byers. That was a pretty giant plot hole in Season 1, so fans are definitely looking forward to Barb's plot line finally being resolved.

You can check out Jimmy Fallon's star-studded opening number, complete with Barb, below.

Barb's death doesn't necessarily mean that we won't see Shannon Purser's character appear sometime in Stranger Things' second season. The Netflix series has never been shy about using flashbacks as a device to flesh out their characters. We saw Joyce's memories with Will, as well as Hopper's relationship with his deceased daughter. With Barb's disappearance being addressed in Season 2, perhaps we'll be transported through Nancy's memories to simpler times with her best friend.

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