How Chrissy Teigen Responded To Her Super Bowl Nipple Slip

It's not a real Super Bowl until something controversial goes down, and Chrissy Teigen suffered a wardrobe malfunction at Super Bowl LI that could qualify. She wasn't in the spotlight when her outfit went wrong, but an eagle-eyed viewer spotted Teigen's nipple slip. Chrissy Teigen didn't shy away from addressing the slip, and she posted a reaction on Twitter last night. Be warned: the clip is seriously NSFW. If you're at work, you might want to check out one of our other articles.

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Chrissy Teigen doesn't seem to hold back when it comes to social media, whether she's slamming folks who insult her or posting fun pics of big events. It seems that she was more than willing to respond to the video of her nipple slip, and her Twitter answer was a bold statement. She didn't have to retweet the clip; she could have just ignored it. Instead, she willingly shared the incident, and what could have been a scandal is now really just a silly story. Honestly, my big questions are about the original poster who was willing to advertise that he was paying such close attention to certain areas of Chrissy Teigen during the Super Bowl.

Of course, Chrissy Teigen's slip at Super Bowl LI had nothing on Janet Jackson's infamous wardrobe malfunction back in 2004. Teigen was away from (most) prying eyes in the press box, watching the game with her husband. Throw in her unfazed reaction, and I'm guessing that nobody will remember this particular nipple slip in the long run. If anything, the incident may be better remembered for Teigen's amused "boom goes the dynamite" than for what happened up in the press box.

Super Bowl LI will definitely go down in the history books for another reason, however, as it was the first NFL championship game to go into overtime. The New England Patriots came from way behind to defeat the Atlanta Falcons 34 - 28. If anything becomes best-known for slipping at Super Bowl LI, it will probably be the Falcons losing their lead from the first half of the game, not Chrissy Teigen's nipple. Even non-football fans got something out of the extravaganza; Lady Gaga's performance with the (possibly faked) rooftop stunt could be one of the most epic halftime shows in the history of the Super Bowl.

The commercials were pretty entertaining as well. No fewer than nine movie trailers hit the airwaves, Mercedes debuted an ad directed by the Coen Brothers, and Nintendo Switch got a commercial in. Even Mr. Clean got in on the action. It was a solid evening of TV, whether or not you cared about the football. Chrissy Teigen seemed to have a good time watching the game live, and she evidently doesn't have any regrets about what went down with her wardrobe.

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