A Woman Decided To Breastfeed A Pig On Live TV, See The Crazy Clip

Public breastfeeding has become an important social issue in recent years. Some disapprove of it because it goes against certain traditional standards of decency, while others argue that it is a necessary function of life that shouldn't be broadly condemned. The answer to that question is definitely well above my pay grade, but what about when a person decides to breastfeed a pig? As it turns out, a Peruvian woman recently did just that on live television, and the clip is even more bizarre than you would expect. Check it out below to see it for yourself.

I honestly don't know how to feel about the cameraman turning the camera away towards the end of that clip. On the one hand, he certainly spared us the inherent awkwardness of watching the whole thing. On the other hand, this moment is simply so weird and so bizarre that we cannot help but want to watch the whole ordeal in its entirety. The sequence of events play out like a dark and gritty reboot of the Babe franchise, and it is impossible not to watch in awe when it happens.

On a related note, I would just like to extend some serious praise to everyone standing around in that circle who watches this woman casually pull out a breast and start feeding that wild animal. Only one person in the crowd gives a real reaction to the incident, and the smile that guy cracks is hands down the best part of the entire affair.

Breastfeeding Pig

Seriously, that guy's smirk is officially the new lock screen on my iPhone.

The exact reasons for these breastfeeding shenanigans have not been made explicitly clear yet. The moment clearly comes out of nowhere and wasn't expected by the members of the press doing the reporting. Some sources have suggested the possibility that the woman pulled the stunt as a way to provide her own commentary on how recent flooding in the rural areas that surround Lima, Peru had adversely affected the total food supply of the local population. People have done far weirder things on local news broadcasts for causes that are considerably less noble, so that explanation makes a certain degree of sense -- if it turns out to be true.

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