Netflix Cheating Is Becoming An Epidemic

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Netflix cheating is on the rise, according to the subscription streaming service. By cheating, we don't mean using your mom's password or watching finales of series before you actually get to the end of binge-watching them. The subscription streaming service said this week that worldwide, spouses are increasingly "cheating" on one another by watching ahead on shows they are binge-watching together. In fact, a whopping 46% of Netflix users have admitted to this sort of cheating.

If you've ever peeked ahead at House of Cards or Orange is the New Black or even non-originals like The Walking Dead, you are part of this steadily increasing cheating audience. In fact, Netflix says that many of the shows that are the most tempting to forge ahead without your partner are dramas, both of the original and non-original variety. Per the subscription streaming service company, partners often cheat while watching Breaking Bad, Stranger Things, The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Narcos, House of Cards and Orange Is The New Black.

A lot of people don't plan to cheat on their Netflix partners. Most of the time, it just happens. As one user put it, "The shows are just so good." While people have cheated on their partners in all of the countries Netflix is currently available, Netflix says that you are more likely to have cheated if you live in Brazil or Mexico. You are less likely to have cheated if you live in the Netherlands or Germany. We're assuming the United States is somewhere in between, as it is not specifically pulled out.

Most people don't seem to think that Netflix cheating is any big deal. The experts among Netflix cheaters can presumably fake their way through re-watching episodes without letting their partners know they already looked. This could be why the number of cheaters is increasing so much. Those who are less savvy assumedly cop to cheating, although Netflix says the cheaters don't seem to think it's a big thing. There is one exception, though, as Hong Kong users seem to think watching TV episodes ahead of their partner may be worse than having an affair!

So, if you were thinking about watching the first episode of Iron First next month before your partner or if you were thinking about sneaking in just one more episode of Stranger Things Season 1, consider the above hot facts before attempting. Are you fine with being a Netflix (opens in new tab) cheater? Or is binge-watching better when there's a partner involved? If you do decide to cheat, the numbers indicate that you aren't the only one.

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