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Cancellation doesn't necessarily mean that shows are done for good nowadays. The Gilmore Girls crew reunited for a four-part revival in 2016, and fans got to see just what Rory and Lorelai have been up to in the years since the original series went off the air back in 2007. The revival was a huge hit and ended on a crazy cliffhanger, so many viewers have been crossing their fingers for another batch of episodes. Now, however, the odds of more Gilmore Girls aren't too great for one big reason: star Lauren Graham has landed another gig.

Lauren Graham has signed on to star in a brand new comedy pilot for Fox. The project is being called Linda From HR, and will star Graham as Human Resources employee Linda Pugh, who makes one catastrophically bad decision that totally turns her uneventful life upside down. She'll have to find a way to balance her career, her personal life, and a major secret with the potential to change everything if it ever got out. If ordered to series, the show will be a single-camera comedy, according to TVLine, and episodes will run for a half hour.

News of Lauren Graham's new gig has only just broken, so we can't say for sure at this point if Linda From HR definitively rules out more Gilmore Girls. That said, the grueling schedule of a network TV show could very well mean that Graham simply wouldn't have time to work on a Netflix side project. As popular as the Gilmore Girls revival was, it was always billed as a special event, not the first season of a second run of the series. Linda From HR would almost certainly be the priority for Graham if it lands a series order, and a series order could ruin the chances of any more Gilmore Girls in the foreseeable future.

Of course, there is the slim possibility that Netflix could put together another round of revival episodes with Lauren Graham appearing in a reduced capacity. Sure, she's one of the titular girls of Gilmore Girls, but the big cliffhanger from the final episode of the four-part revival was all about Rory. If Netflix could get Alexis Bledel and other main Gilmore Girls actors back on board, there's a chance that the show could return sooner rather than later. I'd call that an incredibly long shot, but stranger things have happened on Netflix.

We'll have to wait and see if we get any confirmation on whether or not Linda From HR rules out another round of Gilmore Girls. There's always the possibility that the new show won't get past the pilot stage and Lauren Graham will be free to explore other projects. Given her proven comedy chops in the funnier moments over the years on Gilmore Girls and Parenthood, I'd say that Linda From HR has pretty good odds of a future on Fox. We don't know much about the pilot other than that it will be directed by Scrubs veteran Marc Buckland and was written by Itai Grunfield and Geoff Barbanell.

Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest in TV news. You can catch all four episodes of the Gilmore Girls revival streaming on Netflix. Be sure to check out our 2017 Netflix premiere schedule to see what else is available on the site, and don't forget to take a gander at our midseason TV premiere schedule.

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