One Character This Is Us Season 2 Will Change Up Even More

Fans of NBC's mega hit family drama This Is Us know that almost nothing about the lives of the Pearson family is certain. Now, it looks like the show is planning to make some major changes to one of the characters for Season 2. Everyone's favorite overachiever/panic attack survivor, Randall, is potentially about to become someone we will barely recognize, according to Susan Kelechi Watson, who plays Randall's wife Beth on the series. Here's what she had to say about the current plans for the adopted Pearson during the coming season:

Him hitting that milestone of 36 opened up something now that is going to stay open. It leaves room for a lot of change to want to come forth, and a lot of stuff that we'll still be grappling with. This chapter, of course, has come to an end. But the door is still open for more things to change, especially as Randall begins to find who he is now that his father's gone... something that reflects Randall and honors not just William, but his whole journey.

As can be expected from those behind This Is Us, Susan Kelechi Watson's words to TVLine about what the future holds for Randall and Beth are typically deep as all hell. As anyone who watches the show knows, Randall (and, by extension, Beth) has had a difficult journey in Season 1. After wanting to find his birth parents for most of his life, Randall finally took steps as an adult to locate them. He found out that his biological mother was dead, but was able to find his birth father, William, much to his joy. But, he soon found out that his father had been diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer and was dying. Randall only got to spend a few months getting to know and love William before he died during their trip to Memphis.

Randall also found out, quite by accident, that his adoptive mother, Rebecca, actually knew where to find William for most of Randall's life but decided to keep them away from each other. This was, as you can imagine, a realization that drove a pretty big rift between Randall and Rebecca for weeks, until they were able to make up with one another after William's memorial service.

After William died, Randall was looking for a way to truly honor the man he'd only known for such a short time, and, at the end of last week's episode, he decided that one of those ways would be to quit the job that he's sacrificed so much for and stressed out so much over (to the point where it helped lead him to an emotional breakdown). Now, though, after reading what Susan Kelechi Watson has to say about what's coming for the character, it sounds like even more big changes are on the way for Randall. It sounds like he's at his ultimate turning point with William's death, and he'll take inspiration from his dad's life to change the way he does things. This will probably mean a way more relaxed lifestyle for the man whose career and achievement of any kind was once all-important for him.

Well, I think Randall deserves a big ol' break. But, since we're talking about This Is Us here, I'll bet you my front row seat tickets to Kevin's play that Randall's changes will cause some sort of upheaval in his life with Beth and their two daughters. This Is Us will return for Season 2 on NBC this fall, and you can catch the Season 1 finale tonight at 9 EST/8 CST.

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