One Supergirl Star Has The Best Idea For Who Should Play Lex Luthor

Supergirl Season 2 has been introducing some of the biggest names in DC Comics history, including the Man of Steel himself. Between the debuts of Superman and Lena Luthor, many fans have been wondering if the adult version of legendary supervillain Lex Luthor would appear in the series. Irish actress Katie McGrath joined Supergirl in Season 2 to play Lena, and she has an awesome idea for who should play Lena's big brother:

One episode? Bruce Willis, the most amazingly, good-looking, bald man there ever is.

Sign me up! Bruce Willis has proven that he can bring the perfect balance of civilized and psychotic over his decades of work. Plus, as Katie McGrath pointed out to TVLine, he already has the cue ball look down. At 62, he's a bit old to play the same Lex Luthor who appeared via flashback as only a decade or so older than Lena, but I think we could all suspend our disbelief and accept Willis as Lex if Supergirl could somehow bring him on for an episode. Throw a little time travel and/or alternate universe travel into the mix, and it could even make sense.

extraction bruce willis

Of course, the odds of a big name movie star like Bruce Willis signing on to appear on Supergirl even for a single episode aren't too great, but it's fun to imagine. Stranger things have happened, and Supergirl has to bring in an adult version of Lex at some point, right? The show couldn't have introduced a young Lex and revealed the existence of adult Lex's weapons caches if there isn't the intention to eventually introduce him in all his bad guy glory. Until such a time as an adult Lex is cast, we're free to use our imaginations that Bruce Willis agrees to someday guest star on a CW show.

That "someday" may not come in Season 2, however. There aren't too many episodes left this season, and Kara has her hands pretty full with the Daxamites and Cadmus without a prison break of some sort from Lex Luthor. Then again, Tyler Hoechlin will be returning as Superman in the Season 2 finale, and Superman would be the perfect way to bring Lex Luthor into Kara's story. Throw in the fact that Katie McGrath has been promoted to regular status for Season 3, and we can bet that there will be some Luthor family drama exploration going on next season.

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