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You would think super speed would make a person's life easier, but Barry Allen has struggled to maintain anything resembling a normal existence. His conflict against Eobard Thawne spawned his battle against Zoom, and his war with THAT speedster led to his battle against Savitar for his latest mission. With Season 3 of The Flash coming to an end in the next few weeks, it does not seem like Barry Allen's life is going to get much easier, as the conclusion of the Savitar arc will apparently lead to a big cliffhanger that directly sets up Season 4.

The Season 3 finale of The Flash will serve as the definitive conclusion of the current story arc, and it will introduce an entirely new one that the series will expand upon next year. TVLine's report states that despite dealing with a giant setback, Team Flash will manage to take down Savitar (or make him less of a threat, at the very least), but that victory will come at an unexpected cost. Specifics about how this will all play out remain shaky at best, but the report seems to make it clear that the overarching problems that Barry will have to deal with during the events of The Flash's fourth season will begin to make themselves apparent in the final moments of Season 3.

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We are not really surprised by this revelation, as it pretty much lines up with everything that The Flash has thrown at audiences over the last three seasons. Season 1 ended with a breach opening over Central City that caused Zoom to make his way to Earth-1, and Season 2 ended with Barry creating the Flashpoint Paradox when he went back to save his mother. Now it only makes sense for the resolution of the war with Savitar to naturally evolve into the threat of the hit series' next story arc. It's worked for the show so far, so why stop now?

Of course, before Barry Allen can even start to think about his next major battle, he will have to finish this one first. This week's episode of The Flash will see our titular speedster running into the future in an attempt to figure out Savitar's true identity and save Iris. However, his arrival in 2024 will be made increasingly more complicated by not only his depressed future-self, but also the interference of Caitlin Snow -- who officially started to embrace her status as Killer Frost after Julian removed her inhibitor necklace. It wouldn't be The Flash unless Barry's mission is made infinitely more complicated than necessary, would it?

We will bring you more information about the final episodes of The Flash's third season as new details become available to us. The Scarlet Speedster's solo series will return tomorrow night a 8 p.m. EST on The CW. With The Flash's third season coming to an end, now seems like a perfect time to get yourselves up to date on all of this summer's most hotly anticipated TV debuts and fill out your TV viewing schedules accordingly!

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