Last Man Standing Cancelled By ABC, Will Not Return For Season 7

last man standing

Another one bites the dust! May is a dangerous month for TV shows that aren't guaranteed for renewals, and far too many series get the axe around this time each year. Now, ABC has officially announced one more series that won't be back for the 2017-2018 TV season. Sitcom Last Man Standing has been cancelled and will not return for Season 7.

Last Man Standing has been a pretty solid performer for ABC over the years, especially because of its time slot. Starting in Season 2, the sitcom has aired on Fridays at 8 p.m. ET. Fridays are often where shows are sent to die after failing to perform well on some of the more highly-rated nights, but Last Man Standing has been a pretty consistent ratings winner for ABC on Fridays. Unfortunately, as happens far too often in showbiz, the future of the series came down to money.

ABC and 20th Century Fox have battled over the years over the license fee for Last Man Standing; by this point, ABC should be covering the cost of the show, and the show isn't exactly the cheapest one on the airwaves. Tim Allen was a big name for the series to land, and his sitcom star power is undoubtedly part of why Last Man Standing has lasted for as long as it has, but he hasn't come cheap. Deadline reports that ABC decided that the costs of another season outweighed the potential benefits, and so Last Man Standing will stand no more.

The cancellation likely comes as a surprise to any who thought that perhaps Last Man Standing's unique leading man would give the show the edge to stick around. Tim Allen's Mike Baxter is a father of three daughters who is best known for his treasuring of traditional values, politically conservative viewpoints, and Christian faith, all of which are frequently played for laughs. Who can forget that time he dressed up as Donald Trump? Whether you laughed or cringed at the gag, it was certainly memorable. I'm just glad we got an epic Home Improvement reunion on Last Man Standing before ABC decided to give the cancellation order.

All things considered, Last Man Standing had a pretty healthy run, especially considering the slightly shaky start back in the very beginning when one key character had to be re-cast. Hopefully the actors land new gigs on the small screen sooner rather than later.

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