MTV Is Bringing Back Another Beloved '90s Staple

MTV was the place to be for teens back in the 1990s, blending music, television, and celebrities in surprisingly addictive series. The network has been having some trouble in recent years, but steps are being taken to change the game and draw viewers back. Now, MTV is reaching back into its library of hits to reboot. MTV Beach House will return to the airwaves this summer.

The original MTV Beach House debuted back in 1993 as a music video block running for an hour. A-list celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Beyonce, and Mark Wahlberg would join host Bill Bellamy to party it up. Artists like The Grind, Radiohead, and Garbage showed up to perform for throngs of teenage fans. Variety reports that the reboot will be aimed at "a new generation of fans," so we can bet that MTV will bring in some of today's hottest acts to perform.

mtv beach house

The new version of MTV Beach House will have three hosts: Girl Code's Nessa, Teen Wolf's Cody Christian, and Wild 'n Out's Chico Bean. That said, not everything about the new series will be updated from the '90s action. The beach party will reportedly bring plenty of nostalgia, and the beach house base will be '90s themed. I'm not sure how much viewer crossover there will be from the original MTV Beach House to the reboot, but it sounds like the reboot will have some fun nods back to what made the show such a hit the first time around.

MTV Beach House will kick off with the MTV Beach House Festival on June 8, which will feature MisterWives, KYLE, and others. The entire project is being designed for a generation of viewers who are at home on digital platforms and with social media. All things considered, MTV Beach House like exactly what MTV was looking for the draw viewers back to the network. If this show isn't a success, we can only wonder what MTV might try next. For a blast from the Beach House past, check out a Radiohead performance from back in 1993!

Of course, Beach House isn't MTV's only project that will run this summer. The Snapchat version of Cribs will debut on June 3, and it will be followed by a Snapchat version of Girl Code on July 27. A retooled version of Fear Factor premiered last month to impressive numbers.

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