Rick Moranis And Dave Thomas Reuniting As SNL's McKenzie Brothers For A Touching Reason

the mckenzie brothers

As if specifically created to prove to the world that some news stories are truly impossible to predict, the announcement was made that long-retired comedy icon Rick Moranis will surprisingly step back into the spotlight to by reteaming with former SCTV and SNL co-star Dave Thomas for a reunion of their classic sketch-turned-film characters Bob and Doug McKenzie. Unfortunately, this return is not a full time gig, as Moranis and Thomas are touchingly reprising the roles for a benefit concert set to raise money for Dave Thomas' recently injured nephew.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, you're going to have to go up the lower end of the Great White North in order to watch Bob and Doug McKenzie together on a stage again. Toronto will be site setting of the benefit concert, which takes place on July 18, and it'll be fans' first look at the duo in live-action form since the anniversary special in 2007. (There's also an animated series that he co-created and executive produced, though it was Dave Coulier who replaced him for the vocal work.) The concert is being put on to raise proceeds for Dave Thomas' nephew Jake Thomas, who was involved in a snowmobile injury early this year that left him paralyzed from the waist down. Not the most organic reason for a night of comedy, but what a night it will be.

The biggest news for the show is definitely Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas pulling out the hats, jackets and beer bottles that the McKenzie brothers were known for on their trek from SCTV to Saturday Night Live to the feature film Strange Brew. But they definitely aren't the only attractions to be enjoyed, and according to THR, fans can expect to see their SCTV cohorts Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara, Martin Short and Joe Flaherty. As well, Ghostbusters star Dan Aykroyd will be on hand, as will the entire Kids in the Hall cast, along with iconic late night bandleader Paul Shaffer. The ever out-spoken Short will be hosting the ceremony, and audiences can expect to see an appearance from his famed celebrity interviewer Jiminy Glick. (Hopefully we get to see him try and have a conversation with Bob and Doug.)

Rick Moranis famously turned down the Ghostbusters remake a couple of years ago, leading us to believe that he might not be interested in returning to his former roles. But it appears he's still able to make time for entertaining when the reasons are sound.

It's a shame that such a terrible accident had to happen in order for Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas to bring the McKenzie boys back for more Great North Way installments. So we'll have the slightest bit of guilt hanging over us while still celebrating their return. Hopefully some official recording of it will come out for the rest of the world to enjoy.

In the meantime, though, you can always watch old SNL episodes on NBC and Seeso's websites, while some SCTV episodes can be seen on YouTube and beyond. And if you're looking to see what new and returning shows are hitting the small screen soon, head to our summer TV premiere schedule.

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