Jerry Seinfeld Refused To Hug Kesha In Most Seinfeld Move Ever

Big-name stars are bound to run into fans wherever they go, and fans are often pretty eager to reach out to their idols. While some celebs are happy to dispense hugs wherever they go, others aren't quite so eager to embrace random strangers, famous or not. Jerry Seinfeld recently faced off against a fan who was hoping for a hug, and it quickly became clear that he is one of those who doesn't love hugs. In a move that was pure Seinfeld, Jerry Seinfeld avoided Kesha's hug. Check it out!

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Kudos to Jerry Seinfeld for his mastery of the uncomfortable laugh! The increasing awkwardness of the situation as Kesha refused to take no for an answer and kept going for the hug isn't easy to watch, especially if we consider how creepy it would have been if the roles had been reversed. Personally, I've never related to a celebrity more than Seinfeld as he tried to dodge the hug. Some people just aren't huggers, and the only way to avoid an uncomfortable hug is sometimes to deftly dodge. Given that Seinfeld evidently didn't know who Kesha was, it makes sense that he wouldn't want to let her wrap her arms around him.

Fans of the Seinfeld sitcom probably won't be shocked by Jerry Seinfeld's resistance to Kesha's sneak hug attempt. One memorable episode of the series had Jerry growing more and more frustrated as strangers and bare acquaintances in his apartment building went for kisses hello after Kramer began to encourage everybody getting to know each other. Jerry comes up with ways to avoid the kisses, but his strategy backfires as the people of his apartment building turn against him, even defacing a photo of him. Check out his frustration with the kisses hello!

Jerry Seinfeld has evidently learned a few things about sidestepping displays of affection since his sitcom days, because his reflexes in the video (courtesy of radio host Tommy McFly's Twitter account) are impressive. I have no doubt that he would have led Kesha a merry chase down the red carpet if she'd kept going after him. As entertaining (and probably awkward) as that would have been to watch, it's probably for the best that things ended when they did. "No thanks" means "No thanks," Kesha! Hopefully neither of them let the aborted hug attempt tarnish their night.

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