Bill Nye Saves The World Renewed For Season 2 At Netflix

Television is a competitive business, and there are rarely any guarantees when it comes to shows being renewed or cancelled. Sometimes it's even difficult to want to start brand new shows when there's a good chance that they won't be around for more than one season. Luckily, Netflix has officially given the renewal order for one of its freshman series, and viewers don't have to worry any longer. Bill Nye Saves The World will be back for another batch of episodes on Netflix. The announcement came courtesy of a video from Bill Nye himself on social media, and it's worth watching:

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Bill Nye's move to Netflix had a lot of people curious about what the Science Guy could possibly have in store on the new platform; judging by the tweets that were chosen for the Facebook video, quite a few of those people weren't happy with what they saw. In fact, there are so many tweets on screen by the end that it's difficult to read them all, even by pausing the video and squinting. It certainly seems like a lot of folks on Twitter were not fans of the episode of Bill Nye Saves The World about climate change, which also happened to be the very first episode of the series. Messages range from accusations that Bill Nye is an agent of spiritual warfare to dismissals of him for wearing "a fake lab coat."

Fortunately, the folks at Netflix aren't going to be deterred by people on social media whose views on science are different from Bill Nye's. In fact, the people behind the scenes at Bill Nye Saves The World seem to be embracing all the controversy, which actually makes quite a bit of sense. After all, no press is bad press, right? Bill Nye and his show have struck a chord -- good and bad -- with viewers on hot topics, and that has to be better than total obscurity.

It should be interesting to see what hot topics Bill Nye will tackle in the second season. The 13 episodes of Season 1 covered climate change, alternative medicine, artificial intelligence, genetically modified organisms, life throughout the universe, vaccinations, video games, diets, sex, space exploration, extrasensory perception, designer babies, and human overpopulation. Of course, given how complex these subjects are, there's every chance that Nye will come at them again from another angle in future episodes.

Personally, I'm curious about what celebrities he'll be able to recruit to appear in episodes the second time around. In Season 1, he had people like Donald Faison, Joel McHale, Zach Braff, and Rachel Bloom appear to lend a hand and do a little learning of their own. We'll have to wait and see. Netflix hasn't yet revealed a premiere date for Season 2, although the "coming soon" from the video indicates that we won't be waiting for years. Only time will tell.

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