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The Crazy Injury Camren Bicondova Got On The Set Of Gotham

gotham cat scene season 3

It's a well-known fact that Gotham films a lot of pretty wild scenes, but one seemingly mundane scene last season went a little crazy thanks to the machinations of one very hungry cat. While at Comic-Con over the weekend, Gotham actress Camren Bicondova revealed that while filming one of her most memorable scenes during Gotham Season 3, the young actress landed herself in the hospital.

During a Comic-Con San Diego panel, Camren Bicondova said she was filming the Season 3 scene where--spoilers through the rest of this article--Selina Kyle confronted the Bruce Wayne doppelgänger, and when she wouldn't join him over the real Bruce, he pushed her out the window. She fell multiple stories to the ground in an alley, but that's not where the injury occurred. It was a cat that caused the damage. Bicondova said that during the scene she was lying on a platform with cat food in her hands to entice the cats to come out in the bad weather, noting,

Eleven of them were smart and decided, 'Screw the rain, I'm not getting out from under this tent. But one of them, I call him Savage Cat, he was hungry. And he decided to not only just sniff the food and kind of lick it off, he decided to just bite it off of my finger. So I'm shaking because I'm so cold, and I have this Savage Cat just [makes gnawing noise]. So I had to go to the hospital and make sure I had my shot so I didn't get tetanus disease. It was great.

If you saw the scene when it eventually did air on the small screen, you may have noticed that cats did surround Selina Kyle, Batman Returns-style, which you can check out, below.

So if one of them was savage and the rest were scared, how did Gotham eventually get the scene to work out? Bicondova says we should chalk it up to the magic of CGI.

Most of those cats in the actual shot were CGI because they were too scared.

How Selina survived the fall is a different sort of question, although we do know she was nursed back to health by Ivy and will continue to be a major character in Gotham as the series moves into Season 4. As for the upcoming episodes, some changes are coming to Gotham City, but hopefully they don't come with any more injuries for the actors who have to film through a good percentage of the year. To find out what TV is coming up before Gotham's big premiere, take a look at our full schedule.

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