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The CW's superhero universe is filled with a variety of heroes and villains, and there are plenty of opportunities for character crossover. Legends of Tomorrow is packed with characters that started on either Arrow or The Flash, and it turns out that the upcoming third season will feature yet another villain from another show. Barry Allen's foe Gorilla Grodd will appear in Legends of Tomorrow Season 3. Executive producer Phil Klemmer has this to say about Grodd in the new season:

It will be a version of him that we have not met yet on any of the shows. It will be the most evolved and powerful form of Grodd. We're actually breaking the episode now.

Yes, fans will be getting a new version of the giant telepathic gorilla that has been menacing Team Flash in Central City off-and-on since the very first season of The Flash. Grodd was last seen in the second half of a gorilla-filled two-parter of The Flash Season 2. Foiled again by the efforts of Team Flash, he was locked up by A.R.G.U.S. Legends of Tomorrow will presumably encounter him after he breaks out of A.R.G.U.S. or run into him in a distant future. Phil Klemmer went on to reveal to IGN that this new version of Grodd will be from a point in the timeline after he left Gorilla City on Earth-2.

While Grodd is undeniably a villain of the Arrow-verse, he does have a pretty tragic origin story. Before the particle accelerator malfunctioned and turned him into a meta-gorilla, Grodd was a test subject at S.T.A.R. Labs whose only ally was a sympathetic Caitlin Snow. Grodd has managed to use his backstory to trick humans in the past, and he'll apparently pull it off yet again on Legends of Tomorrow. One of the Legends will reportedly "take the bait" and come around to give Grodd the benefit of the doubt. Whoever it is, I hope it's not somebody from Central City.

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Gorilla Grodd is far from the first major Flash villain to appear in Legends of Tomorrow. The Legion of Doom in Season 2 involved both Reverse-Flash and Captain Cold, and the Season 1 big bad Vandal Savage even technically debuted on The Flash. It should be interesting to see how much greater a threat he'll be in his "most evolved and powerful form" than he was in earlier appearances on The Flash. Team Flash has had to pull out all the stops (and involve a different universe) to take out Grodd; the Legends may have to find a way to go even farther.

The villain situation in Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 will mark a big change from Seasons 1 and 2, so we can only guess about the circumstances of Grodd's involvement at this point. Check out our breakdown of what we know so far about Legends of Tomorrow Season 3, and swing by our fall TV premiere schedule for all your superhero premiere dates.