Narcos Season 3 Gets Bigger And Bloodier Than Pablo Escobar In New Netflix Trailer

One of the most action-packed and engaging ongoing original series on Netflix has to be Narcos, which tells the real-life stories of 1980s drug kingpins and the efforts of law enforcement to try and bring them down. Cocaine is a valuable commodity in Narcos, and it's a bloody business for the kingpins and law enforcement officers alike. The first two seasons had legendary kingpin Pablo Escobar in the spotlight, but Season 3 will go in a whole new direction. The first trailer for Season 3 has been released to give us a look at post-Pablo Escobar Narcos, and it's already clear that the show will be bigger and bloodier than ever. Check it out!

I'd say that the new trailer should go a long way to reassure viewers that Narcos can keep the action going even without Pablo Escobar, who was killed at the end of Season 2 back in September 2016. His story might be done, but it's not like the cocaine biz in the 1980s died when Escobar did. Narcos is inspired by real-life events, and the battle between law enforcement and cocaine dealers continued long after Escobar was executed.

Season 3 of Narcos will evidently follow the Cali Cartel, led by Miguel Rodriguez Orejuela, Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela, Helmer "Pacho" Herrera, and Chepe Santacruz Londono. DEA Agent Javier Pena's job doesn't seem to have gotten any easier just because Pablo Escobar was killed. No rest for the weary in the drug war, and the Cali Cartel evidently became the top target for the DEA after Escobar went down.

A drug business that can be described "Cocaine Incorporated" and that is being run like a Fortune 500 company will present all kinds of new problems for law enforcement, and the trailer makes it clear that the Cali Cartel will have influence all over the world. Mistakes won't be tolerated. The shot of a man being stretched in four different directions with his limbs tied to motorcycles revving in the opposite direction is proof that you really don't want to cross the Cali Cartel if you want a long life.

Luckily, we already know that Narcos won't come to an end after the next batch of episodes. Netflix renewed the series for Season 3 and Season 4 after Season 2 came to an end. The good news is that there's still plenty of action in store; the bad news for Javier Pena and Co. is that it may take them a couple of years to take the Cali Cartel down.

Season 3 of Narcos will debut on Netflix on Friday, September 1 at 12:01 a.m. PT. Drop by our 2017 Netflix premiere guide for all the dates you could possibly need for streaming, and take a gander at our summer and fall TV schedules for what's to come on non-streaming platforms.

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