The Gifted Casts Marvel Characters Shattered And Ahab

Shatter And Ahab Marvel Comics

The Gifted has cast two more characters for the series, and both should be equally exciting for X-Men fans. Jermaine Rivers presumably looks to join the cast of mutants on the run as the mutant Shatter, and Garret Dillahunt comes on to play the well-known mutant hunter Ahab. Here's what we know so far about each character, and how they might play into this exciting new Marvel series.

For Jermaine Rivers, whose casting news comes via Heroic Hollywood, playing Shatter requires thick skin. Specifically, skin thick enough that it can stop a bullet as the character unsuccessfully attempted suicide in his teens upon realizing he was becoming a mutant. The bullet "shattered" a portion of his head but ultimately his rock hard skin saved him from dying and led to the character joining Postman's Morlocks. It's not immediately clear how Shatter will play into the events of The Gifted, but given the fact that being a runaway is a part of his canon, it seems as though he might be a mutant on the run much like the Strucker children. Given the character's Morlock roots, it would be a great nod to the X-Men if he happened to live in a sewer, and even better if that sewer was in Chicago.

Burt Garret Dillahunt Raising Hope Fox

As for Garret Dillahunt, his role as Roderick Campbell has been revealed at Deadline. Roderick Campbell in The Gifted is a mutant researcher who has been contracted by Sentinel Services. While it isn't mentioned explicitly in his description, the Roderick Campbell of the comics becomes Ahab, who is a well-known mutant hunter. One thing that does seem to be different between the comics interpretation and The Gifted version is that Roderick Campbell originally started off as one of the good guys and was slowly changed overtime. Given his employer and his character description as "intense and intimidating," it appears Fox is going to skip that step when they reveal him in the series.

The Gifted is scheduled to premiere Monday, October 2nd at 9 p.m. ET on Fox. Those wondering where the series fits into the convoluted X-Men canon can stop trying to make sense of it as creator Matt Nix has already given an acceptable answer. Those shocked by the inclusion of characters like Shatter and Ahab shouldn't be, as Nix said he dove pretty deep into the lore to find the characters he chose. Anyone just wanting to know when more good television will be arriving can find a heap of good television on our fall premiere guide.

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