Legends Of Tomorrow Just Introduced A Legendary Location From DC Comics Into The Arrow-verse


Major spoilers ahead for the "Helen Hunt" episode of Legends of Tomorrow.

Legends of Tomorrow has taken its characters on some pretty wild rides through time, space, and DC Comics history. Now, the latest episode went right ahead and established a legendary location from DC Comics fame that few fans probably expected Legends of Tomorrow to ever explore. Yes, Legends of Tomorrow introduced the island of Themyscira, a.k.a. the home of Wonder Woman, into the Arrow-verse.

Here's how it happened. "Helen Hunt" took the Legends to the 1930s when they discovered that the Helen of Troy had popped out of the Trojan War in the 13th century B.C. to become a Hollywood actress. Helen turned out to be sick of how she was treated by the men around her who fawned over her beauty and fought over her. She didn't want to return to the Trojan War, and Zari was sympathetic. Instead of taking Helen back to her unfortunate existence in Troy, Zari took Helen to an island of warrior women in 1253 B.C. That island was none other than Themyscira, which we now know officially exists in the Arrow-verse. Who else is super excited about this?

Unfortunately, Legends of Tomorrow didn't give too close of a look at Themyscira, although it was obviously a beautiful place. The warrior women also weren't directly named as Amazons. Still, we can probably assume that the women of Themyscira are Amazons as they are in DC Comics canon. While Wonder Woman herself is probably not going to appear on Legends of Tomorrow, we can bask in the knowledge that her island does exist.

The reveal of Themyscira is actually a pretty huge deal for Legends of Tomorrow. For many years, the Arrow-verse avoided name-dropping some of the biggest locations and characters of DC fame. In recent years, however, Supergirl has revealed that superheroes like Superman and Batman do exist on Earth-38, and Arrow had Oliver Queen mention Bruce Wayne and Gotham earlier in Season 6. Now that Themyscira is in the mix, perhaps we can expect the Arrow-verse to introduce more big names and locations of DC.

We can also hope that perhaps Legends of Tomorrow (or some of the other superhero shows of The CW) will visit Themyscira at some point, even if Wonder Woman isn't on the table. Sara would fit right in on an island of warrior women thanks to her skills as a fighter, and it would be fun to see how Kara of Supergirl fares in such a place. The recent episode of The Flash that pitted the ladies of Team Flash against Amunet proved that Arrow-verse shows do work when the women get some time in the spotlight, and what better place to put focus on female characters than on an island of warrior women?

Only time will tell. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't totally psyched to see Legends of Tomorrow establish Themyscira in the Arrow-verse, and it's proof that Legends can really explore some corners of a DC universe that wouldn't naturally turn up on Arrow or The Flash. New episodes of Legends of Tomorrow air on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. The heroes of all for CW superhero shows will soon team up for the "Crisis on Earth X" crossover, which looks pretty intense.

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