Charlie Rose Fired By CBS News And PBS Due To Harassment Allegations

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The news in recent months has been filled with allegations of sexual harassment and assault directed at high-profile figures in the media, showbiz, and officials. Some faced consequences shortly after accusations went public while others have not. Veteran news journalist and television personality Charlie Rose is the latest to be accused of sexual harassment, and the allegations have resulted in the termination of his contracts with both CBS and PBS.

Allegations of sexual harassment against Charlie Rose were reported on November 20 in a lengthy article in The Washington Post that detailed the stories of multiple women, all of whom described sexual advantages from Rose that were unwanted. The women either worked for or desired to work for Rose on Charlie Rose, which aired on PBS. Rose also worked as co-host of CBS This Morning on CBS. CNN Money reports that both networks made the decision today to terminate his contracts.

CBS was the first to act with the distribution of an internal memo informing of the decision to cut ties with Charlie Rose in the wake of the reports. PBS then went on to make an announcement of its own that the relationship with Charlie Rose would end. His shows will no longer be distributed on PBS. For his part, Rose released a statement in which he apologized for his inappropriate behavior.

Charlie Rose contributed to CBS via a co-hosting gig on CBS This Morning for the past five years. He was a big name for the show, given his many years of journalistic investigations and high-profile interviews. Folks familiar with Rose due to his time on CBS This Morning were undoubtedly shocked by the allegations.

Fans of Charlie Rose on PBS may have been even more surprised, as Charlie Rose has been on the air ever since way back in 1991. Rose has been a regular figure on the small screen for decades, and he built a TV reputation that gave away nothing of what the women have alleged about his behavior. The TV news landscape will be a very different place due to the terminations of his contracts.

Charlie Rose isn't the only news figure to get the axe from his platform in 2017 due to sexual harassment allegations. Bill O'Reilly was fired from Fox News earlier this year, which was a significant move. He was arguably the biggest name on Fox News. All things considered, the last several months have shown that even some of the people with the highest profiles in showbiz aren't immune to facing consequences for allegations.

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