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It's hard to deny that DC is killing it in the world of television. The comic book giant has several different shows across several different networks, and fan reception has been quite positive in recent years. Now, to honor that tradition and kick off the next entry in DC television, which will be Black Lightning on The CW, DC is putting on a grand celebration in Washington D.C. for fans to help them get in the festive premiere spirit.

In a delightful play on acronyms, this event will be known as "DC in D.C." Taking place from Friday, January 12 to Saturday, January 13, the function will be used to celebrate diversity in the small screen DC realm in all of its forms. This will include a cast and crew panel for Black Lightning as well as an evening to officially launch (in an invitation-only screening) the brand new series ahead of its TV premiere. The event will occur at the Smithsonian, and lead directly to an afterparty at the National Museum of African American History and Culture. Overall, "DC in D.C." will be open to the public, and it's primarily aimed at celebrating DC's commitment to various forms of diversity.

Black Lightning won't be the only show on display. In addition to DC's racially-charged superhero drama, the "DC in D.C" event will also be used to honor other major DC series like Arrow and The Flash. This will include a series of convention-like panel discussions, as well as appearances by DC heavy-hitters like Greg Berlanti and Caity Lotz, among others.

One such panel will be called "Wonder Women," and it will focus heavily on the female-influences in DC television, which should be a perfect celebration of the box office win of Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman over the summer. Another panel will focus specifically on the inclusion of LGBT characters in DC superhero series (such as Curtis Holt and Sara Lance), and the importance of putting a spotlight on those demographics in pop culture.

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Finally, there will even be something for all of you Bat-fans out there, as the "DC in D.C." celebration will also be used to premiere (in yet another invitation-only screening) the upcoming Batman: Gotham By Gaslight animated film -- which has recently been teased via a series of trailers. The film follows a Victorian-era Caped Crusader as he battles Jack the Ripper in a foggy, 1800s version of Gotham City and interacts with slightly off-kilter, Elseworlds versions of his traditional supporting characters. Add that to the celebration of DC television set to take place next month, and it's pretty clear that this is something that any self-respecting DC fan won't want to miss.

CinemaBlend will keep you posted with more details related to this awesome celebration of DC television as new information is made available to us. As for Black Lightning, the series will make its debut on The CW on January 16 at 9 p.m. ET. Our fall premiere guide and our midseason premiere guide can both fill you in on all of the most important upcoming TV debuts, and our handy cancellation guide to see which shows left us this year.

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