The long-awaited second season of Trollhunters has finally been released on Netflix to tell more of the tales of Jim, his friends, and a whole bunch of trolls around the town of Arcadia. The Emmy-winning animated series comes from the minds of Guillermo del Toro as well as Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim. The voice cast boasts the likes of Kelsey Grammer, the late Anton Yelchin, Clancy Brown, Steven Yeun, and (new to Season 2) Mark Hamill himself. I spoke to Trollhunters executive producer Marc Guggenheim all about the series, so read on for our reasons why you need to watch Trollhunters and what Guggenheim had to say about Season 2! Mild spoilers ahead for Trollhunters Season 2.

The Darklands Look Amazing

Trollhunters Season 1 established the existence of a dark realm separate from Arcadia and filled with all kinds of horrors. The legendary bad guy Gunmar was imprisoned and exiled in the Darklands along with his army of trolls. The series kept out of the Darklands almost entirely in Season 1, but Season 2 takes the action into the Darklands, and the realm looks truly amazing. Marc Guggenheim explained what it took to craft the Darklands in animation for Season 2, saying this:

Enormous challenges [building the Darklands]. The biggest challenge is we didn't have the money for it [in Season 1]. We were not budgeted for the Darklands. We had already spent all the asset money on other things. Our original plan was like, okay, well let's try to get away with 'It's called the Darklands! So we'll hide a lot of it in darkness and we'll only build one corridor and repurpose that corridor a bunch of times!' Very quickly it dawned that that was just not going to be satisfying. We'd been hearing about the Darklands for 26 episodes practically, and the payoff of it has to be satisfying. You got a glimpse of the Darklands at the end of Season 1, but you'd really only seen the tip of the iceberg. The design work that's gone in to create the Darklands and light it and show the expansive scope of it is incredibly impressive. In my mind, it makes Trollmarket look small in comparison.

The Darklands could have been decidedly unimpressive if the Trollhunters team had delved into them in Season 1. Luckily, the delay of the Darklands into Season 2 makes for a fabulously creepy arc.

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