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Young Justice is returning with a new season titled Young Justice: Outsiders, and all the years fans spent pestering Greg Weisman and various television executives appear to have paid off. Those fans are still eager for more information, specifically when we can expect to see new episodes of the superhero team. Fortunately, it appears that, once again, the fans got what they wanted, as creator Greg Weisman shared new episodes should be coming sometime in late 2018:

Saul M, who bit the bullet and asked the question every Young Justice fan has been longing to know, managed to get an honest response from Greg Weisman. Even better news, it sounds like it's possible that Young Justice: Outsiders could debut sooner than a year from now! Weisman's answer of the show coming in the fourth quarter of 2018 means that while the series could be coming as late as December, it could also be marked to return as early as the beginning of October. The fact that Weisman isn't entirely sure which date the premiere may fall on must mean he's confident enough that Season 3 is far enough along that it could hit either one.

With no official date beyond 2018 marked for the still-untitled DC streaming service, Greg Weisman may have also provided a timetable in his tweet for when that will launch. After all, when the service was first announced it was revealed to feature both Young Justice: Outsiders and the live-action Teen Titans series Titans as its flagship programs. If that's true, the colder months of 2018 will certainly be a time for celebration for DC fans, as they get a wealth of new content to binge.

If Greg Weisman is wrong in his estimation and Young Justice: Outsiders doesn't premiere until a later date, at least Young Justice fans have experience in waiting. Fans witnessed several false starts on the road to the show's official revival, but they remained persistent in their effort to bring the series back to television. With over five years having passed between the series' last episode and it's upcoming premiere, what's a little more waiting?

Young Justice is currently available for purchase both physically and through digital services. For a look at what's coming up on television over the next few weeks, visit both our fall premiere guide and midseason premiere guide. Those curious as to which shows were canceled in 2017 can find out by visiting our cancellation guide.

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