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It's been a hot minute since Arrow-verse fans have gotten to see their favorite CW heroes in action for fresh episodes, but now the wait is almost over. To keep us hyped up, the network dropped a new trailer promoting all the super-midseason debuts, which kick off on Monday, January 15. The promo shows a number of the most accessory-heavy heroes back in action and suiting up for whatever danger lies ahead:

Considering Barry didn't have a beard or 'stache the last time fans of The Flash saw him, it's safe to speculate this humorous clip isn't offering footage from any actual upcoming episodes. That's a shame, too, because it would be amazing if the Arrow-verse had a location where every known meta-hero could keep their things to "suit up" for battle. It feels like the closest thing to a Justice League show we'll probably ever get from The CW. But then, this set does exist, so they have to be using it for something other than a promotional video, right? We can hope!

While we saw a fair number of them, not every bit CW superhero was featured in this video. The titular lead in Black Lightning, which will be debuting after The Flash during premiere week, is nowhere to be seen. Of course, this isn't that strange, considering it has been stated in the past he's not currently part of the Arrow-verse. Although one would think that with all the other randomness that doesn't make sense in this video, he might get a visitor's pass for promotion's sake.

Speaking of the randomness: why does this facility not have separate locker rooms? At first, it looks like each person has their own changing room, but then Sara Lance opens her door and it's just a closet with shelves. Even if there was room to change in there, it would be a bit awkward, since each door has a full-length window right in the middle of it! There's always the chance that everyone could be wearing costume pieces underneath their street clothes, although that would make Oliver's statement about changing for 20 minutes all the more baffling. Maybe he's accounting for the time each hero had to spend closing their eyes and promising not to look while others changed? These probably aren't the biggest issues facing these vigilantes, but we're still curious.

Regardless of any cans of worms this promo opens, it'll be super exciting to see all the Arrow-verse heroes back in action beginning with Supergirl on Monday, January 15, at 8:00 p.m. ET. To see when all the other DC heroes will be back, head over to our midseason premiere guide. Those curious as to which shows were unable to escape 2017 without getting canceled can find out and get some additional background at our cancellation guide. For a list of some of the crazier live moments on television in 2017, head here.

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