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The Major New Character Big Little Lies Is Adding For Season 2

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One of the biggest and most impactful new TV shows of 2017 was none other than Big Little Lies on HBO, which brought some of the most unforgettable names in showbiz together for a tale of murder, mystery, and motherhood. Although the show was originally produced as a limited series, it has since been renewed for a second season that will bring the stars back for another batch of episodes. Little is known about Season 2 at this point, but executive producer Jean-Marc Vallée has revealed one major character who will debut:

Well there's a new character coming. Perry's mother, that's all I can say.

Big Little Lies fans will remember that the abusive Perry (played by Alexander Skarsgard) was killed by none other than Bonnie. The reveal of how he died seemed to more or less close the book on his story. Big Little Lies isn't exactly the type of show to resurrect characters for the sake of a plot twist, and even flashbacks to Perry when he was alive could probably only do so much for the overall narrative. Jean-Marc Vallée's tease to ET about the upcoming introduction of Perry's mom means that Big Little Lies seems to have found a way to continue his story without necessarily retreading the same ground.

Unfortunately, Jean-Marc Vallée did not tease anything more about what we can expect from the new character. We can only speculate at this point if she'll appear in the present or via flashback and whether or not she'll sympathize with her son's treatment of his wife. Hopefully Big Little Lies finds the perfect actress to tackle the role. Given the big names that were part of Big Little Lies Season 1, I'm guessing the show won't have any trouble attracting phenomenally talented actresses for Season 2.

It should be interesting to see how Season 2 compares to Season 1 on the whole. Big Little Lies has spent a lot of time in the spotlight over the past year, largely due to its incredible success on the awards show circuit. The series won no fewer than eight Emmys last year for Season 1, and it just came out on top of four categories at the Golden Globes. The awards recognition is definitely a big deal, especially when there is so much competition on the small screen nowadays. Of course, its origin as a limited series meant that it only faced the competition in the limited series categories; only time will tell how Big Little Lies will fare against other ongoing series.

We can't say at this point just when the second season of Big Little Lies will be ready to premiere on HBO, although production may begin at some point this spring. Luckily, there are plenty of viewing options for the foreseeable future. Our midseason TV premiere guide can point you toward what you can watch in the coming weeks, and our 2018 Netflix schedule and 2018 Amazon Prime schedule can help you narrow down streaming options.

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