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For everyone whose TV viewing habits have been completely missing the oh-so-enjoyable concoction of 1980s hairdos, female empowerment and pro wrestling, the Netflix dramedy GLOW is back with the very first trailer for the highly anticipated Season 2. And as fans definitely hoped, GLOW's follow-up year apparently isn't leaving out anything that made Season 1 such a fun ride. Put on your kneepads and headbands and give it a watch below.

Since GLOW's first season didn't wrap things up with any massive and mysterious cliffhanger moments to keep viewers confused during the hiatus between seasons, the Season 2 trailer doesn't have any big reveals to deliver on that level. But that doesn't mean it isn't still filled to the brim with awesomeness. Season 1 wrapped up with the GLOW ladies putting on their first televised event, which managed to avoid turning into a complete disaster, despite the many foul-ups that occurred. When the dust settled, Debbie's Liberty Belle showed up to defeat Ruth's Zoya, only for Tammé's Welfare Queen to jump in and steal Debbie's championship crown. And now...

It looks like Welfare Queen's star is on the rise, even though she's having to explain to her family that the moniker is par for the GLOW course when it comes to being offensive. In fact, the entire GLOW outfit looks to have gotten a boost in popularity. The performers have a dedicated arena/gym and a regular TV timeslot, with 20 episodes to deliver to the growing fanbase. A fanbase that, as seen in the trailer, will provide some hilariously uncomfortable imitators. There's something so bizarrely beautiful about the concept of a male cosplayer for Sheila's Shel Wolf. Makes me want to celebrate it with a faux explosion.

When it comes to Alison Brie and Betty Gilpin's main characters , the situation remains testy, though a tad less intense than it was in Season 1. Nothing too noteworthy happens to Ruth here, beyond her best costumed look yet, but it's clear that her relationship with Debbie still needs some work, with the latter still not fully forgiving Ruth for sleeping with her husband Mark. Debbie has apparently had far more trouble putting her life back on track than she might have expected.

Being a single mother is never easy, especially not for someone trying to make a name for herself as a TV star via pro wrestling. Debbie's new gig is complicating things, as we saw she forgot to pick her kid up from the daycare at some point, but we can probably expect for her to continue putting all of her time and energy into turning Liberty Belle into a household name. After all, what an infant doesn't know and recognize as negligence won't hurt them, right? Admittedly, hat sounds like such a Sam way to parent.

Speaking of, Season 2 will possibly add some structure to Sam's relationship with Justine, who was revealed to be his illegitimate daughter. She is now living with him as he tries to figure out how to keep his head on straight with GLOW getting bigger than ever. Of course, as the trailer showed us, he won't be doing it with a completely sober mind, since that would be asking for miracles.

For my money, the below moment in the best in the trailer, juxtaposing two different moments of howl-out-loud celebration, with one classy and noble and the other dominating and animalistic.

Thankfully, the wait is technically almost over, with GLOW Season 2 hopping into Netflix's ring for its June 29 premiere, which will kick off at 12:01 a.m. PT. To see what other streaming shows are coming soon, head to our 2018 Netflix schedule, and our summer premiere schedule will clue you in on everything else coming soon.

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