The End Of The F***ing World Creator Has A New Netflix Show On The Way

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Netflix is the place to be for some of the wildest and most unconventional series available, and the streaming service has officially ordered a new series that could be as oddball as it is entertaining. Yes, Netflix has ordered a new show from The End of the F---ing World creator and writer Charlie Covell, and it promises to be something truly chaotic.

The new show will be called Kaos and provide a very different take on the Greek mythology some of us think we already know. The show will be a contemporary reimagining of Greek mythology with darkly comedic tones. Kaos will explore themes ranging from power to gender politics to life in the underworld. Charlie Covell is on board as writer and creator, just as she was for The End of the F---ing World. Given that The End of the F---ing World certainly qualifies as a dark comedy (although with a fair amount of drama as well), it's probably safe to say that she can deliver something truly unique with Kaos. Viewers should be able to pick up some popcorn and pomegranates and enjoy the ride through contemporary Greek mythology.

There are plenty of directions to go with a series based on Greek mythology, even if plots and characters are tweaked to fit a contemporary setting. The gods, goddesses, and heroes of mythology should be interesting enough to anchor a series, and perhaps Kaos could even adapt some of the most fascinating stories of Greek mythology. We shouldn't necessarily expect Kaos to be Netflix's take on The Iliad or The Odyssey, but surely the show can borrow some elements from classic mythological tales for this reimagining.

No date for the beginning of production has yet been announced, so we may have quite a while to wait before Kaos makes it to the small screen. Netflix has released that the show scored an order for ten episodes, which is more than Charlie Covell got for the first season of The End of the F*ing World. The streaming service only handed down an order for eight installments of that show. Considering episodes only ran for about 20 minutes each, the first season may have left viewers wanting more. Kaos episodes will run for an hour each. All signs point toward Netflix feeling optimistic about Kaos and its potential reach to audiences.

The order for Kaos should come as good news for fans of The End of the F---ing World. Charlie Covell's first Netflix series is currently in limbo. The first season was a hit with critics and seemed to generate a fair amount of buzz, but a second season has not been ordered. Netflix never officially cancelled the show, so it's entirely possible that The End of the F---ing World hasn't f---ing ended just yet. That said, Kaos could be a sign that Charlie Covell doesn't expect to be kept busy with The End of the F---ing World.

We'll have to wait and see what happens. For some of you current and upcoming streaming options, check out our 2018 Netflix premiere guide. If you're in the mood for some shows that aren't offered by Netflix, swing by our summer TV schedule and our rundown of important 2018 Amazon Prime dates.

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