Leah Remini Already Landed A New Sitcom Pilot After Kevin Can Wait's Cancellation

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Leah Remini made her way back to leading lady status on a sitcom in the 2017-2018 TV season after she replaced Erinn Hayes on CBS' Kevin Can Wait. While that show got off to a solid start and King of Queens fans rejoiced to see Remini sharing the screen with Kevin James on a regular basis again, Kevin Can Wait got the axe from CBS back in May. Now, Remini has landed a new comedy pilot for Fox that could bring her back to primetime to deliver laughs once more. Here's what we know.

The pilot does not yet have a name, but a fair amount of info about the plot and main characters has already been released. The multi-camera project will follow a Middle America women, her ex-husband, and her new wife as they must collaborate to raise a family. Remini still star as Jean, who would describe herself as a patriot with deep love for her nation who holds the steadfast belief that everybody deserves the right to be left alone. Despite sharing some traits associated with stereotypical conservatives, Variety reports that Jean leads a progressive lifestyle with her wife, Betty. Together, Jean and Betty raise Jean's two sons. They get some help from Jean's ex-husband and her sons' father, Richie, who lives in the garage. Oh, the shenanigans that will ensue!

No word of who will play Betty, Richie, and the two boys has yet been released, but we have to hope that Richie won't be played by Kevin James. Leah Remini can hold her own without reprising that dynamic yet again, especially after it didn't win the hearts of viewers en masse on Kevin Can Wait. We'll have to wait to learn who will fill out the rest of the ensemble. If the pilot scores a series order from Fox, Remini will need a talented cast around her.

The project already has a talented team behind the scenes. Rob McElhenney and Rob Rosell are on board as writers and executive producers. McElhenney is of course known for starring, co-creating, and writing for It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Rob Rosell has credits as a producer on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, New Girl, and The Mick. Interestingly, talented comedienne Kaitlin Olson -- who just so happens to be married to Rob McElhenney -- has appeared and/or starred in all three of those shows Rosell has helped produce. Always Sunny co-stars and writers Charlie Day and Glenn Howerton are on board to produce as well.

Leah Remini has more going on than just this sitcom pilot. Back in April, Remini signed a development deal with A&E for more new shows after the success of her Scientology and the Aftermath series, and she has a special in the works that will take on Jehovah's Witnesses. Her A&E works don't deliver a lot in the way of laughs, but her sitcom should be much funnier if it gets ordered to series. It will be in consideration for a potential midseason launch on Fox.

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