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Details about Arrow's upcoming seventh season are still relatively few and far between, but fans have had plenty to speculate about thanks to the Season 6 finale cliffhanger that saw Oliver Queen locked up in prison with a whole bunch of people who would love nothing more than to take him out. Oliver is cruisin' for a bruisin' for as long as he's behind bars, and he'll probably be behind those bars for a while. Arrow's Marc Guggenheim took to social media to tease what Oliver will face when the show returns, sharing this:

On the one hand, eagle-eyed fans won't be too surprised by the fact that this visitor's badge was issued from Slabside Maximum Security Prison. Although the Season 6 finale didn't explicitly name Slabside as Oliver's new home, his new prison garb had "SLABSIDE MAXIMUM SECURITY PRISON" stamped on the back. Still, seeing this visitor's badge (courtesy of Marc Guggenheim on Twitter) makes Oliver's plight feel all the more real. Even though we can be confident that Oliver won't actually remain in prison for however much longer Arrow runs on The CW, he certainly seems in for the long haul. It may take something drastic for him to get out of the clink in Season 7.

At this point, it's too soon to say what the I.D. Number 201 may mean. It could be an Easter egg that will make a great deal of sense after the premiere airs, but it could also be a random number the Arrow team decided to assign for this image. More interesting is the expiration date, which is listed as June 31, 2019.

If you did a double take when you saw that date, you weren't the only one. June is, of course, a month with only 30 days, so either the person who created this image made a mistake and nobody noticed until after Marc Guggenheim had already posted it or something is up with the Arrow-verse. Given that there are now three shows in The CW's superhero multiverse that mess with time and routinely wind up with unintended consequences, perhaps the extra day in June is a result of somebody in the West-Allen family taking some liberties with the timeline, the Legends fumbling in their new mission from Constantine, or maybe even Supergirl trying to fix the mess she made at the end of her third season, although that mess may be contained to Earth-38.

If the June 31 is due to some Arrow-verse timeline shenanigans rather than a mistake, you have to feel bad for Team Arrow. The one show that doesn't mess with time has to deal with the consequences. Still, as long as William isn't changed to a Willa a la Diggle and Lyla's daughter being replaced by a son, any timeline tweaks may not impact the good guys of Star City (or Slabside). We'll have to wait and see if the June 31 is indeed something of note. Marc Guggenheim actually won't be back as showrunner for Arrow Season 7, but he's still on board as an executive consultant to new showrunner Beth Schwartz. Only time will tell if he has more teases throughout the rest of hiatus.

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