Netflix Is Making A Change That Should Be Fun For Users

One Day at a Time Penelope
(Image credit: Mike Yarish/Netflix)

Netflix has been undergoing quite a few user-related changes lately, and you can now add something new to the seemingly ever-growing list. You are about to get even more options when it comes to a certain feature. The mega-popular streaming platform has announced that it is set to celebrate the anniversary of launching the profiles option, five years ago in August of 2013, with a treat for users and it has to do with your profile icon.

In honor of the anniversary, Netflix is going to give you the ability to personalize your profile icon like never before. Starting today (July 25), you will notice your current icon has experienced a bit of a makeover. Sit tight, though. That is not the only option you will have to choose from before long. Netflix has also announced that it will soon be introducing a bevy of new icons for you to select from, including some familiar faces.

New profile picture options will soon include the image of some of the characters from Netflix's shows and movies. In the video promoting the launch of the updated version of the feature, it shows your options as including One Day at a Time's Penelope Alvarez, Stranger Things' Steve Harrington, Orange is the New Black's Crazy Eyes, Fuller House's Stephanie Tanner, and Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness, among others. In its statement announcing the news, Netflix also teased Luke Cage as one of the new icon options.

The new icons will begin making their debuts across the web, mobile, and TV devices, over the next few weeks. If you do not have a profile already, Netflix has definitely provided a tantalizing new reason to start one. Watching with a profile helps Netflix better provide personalized viewing suggestions, which makes the difficult task of deciding what to watch, much more manageable.

Thanks to Netflix, you have something new to look forward to seeing when you enter your already-existing profile or decide due to this news to set one up. It sounds like there will be lots of characters to choose from!

This is an exciting new option. And remember you can have fun changing them out. Imagine being able to switch between the characters of the Netflix show you are currently binge-watching. You are not alone in thinking that is a pretty cool prospect. Now you will have the sort of freedom; you do on Twitter and other social media sites. Just when you thought Netflix had already thought of everything, they think of something else to add to its users' experience.

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