Teen Mom 2 Finale Had Jenelle Evans Denying Road Rage Incident, Threatening To Quit Show

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Season 8 finale of Teen Mom 2. Read at your own risk!

Jenelle Evans' streak of troubled behavior continued into Teen Mom 2's season finale, as the attention-attracting mother denied and changed details of her gun-drawing road rage incident that happened earlier this year. Evans, whose account of the incident differed from the footage that was shown to viewers a week previous, also threatened to quit the show. Both moments left a sour taste in the mouth of viewers, some of which are calling for the network to call her bluff and let her walk from Teen Mom 2. About what one might expect from the season finale.

Jenelle Evans told many versions of her story throughout the episode, but the part that angered Teen Mom 2 fans on social media the most was when she reprimanded her eight-year-old son Jace for having told Evans' mother Barbara that Jenelle pulled her firearm on the man that cut her off traffic, which was the inciting incident of this whole mess. Evans vehemently denied having pulled the gun, and then asked Jace (who was in the front passenger seat during the ordeal) why he was lying about it.

Footage of the incident indeed showed Evans pulling her gun up to her side while she followed the man to his house, but MTV opted to black out the actual footage of Evans pulling the gun, and replaced it with a title card describing what allegedly happened. Despite MTV's scrubbing of the footage, many on Twitter believed Jace's account that she pulled the gun on the man, and many criticized Jenelle for calling her son a liar:

Jenelle Evans hasn't said much on Twitter about it, and is choosing to ignore all the judgement thrown her way. But she sure did get loud in the Teen Mom 2 season finale when threatening to leave the show if producers don't give in to her demands. Specifically, Evans wants her husband David Eason back on the program starting next season. MTV announced earlier this year it was dropping Eason from the program after he wrotea slew of controversial tweets attacking homosexuality. Evans continued by saying that if MTV doesn't bend to her demands, she has offers from Netflix and Amazon that she can accept instead. (Not that everyone on Twitter and Facebook were wholeheartedly believing those claims.)

Teen Mom 2 is done for the season, but the drama involving Jenelle Evans and MTV probably hasn't left the building yet. Will Evans become the next Farrah Abrams by getting booted from the franchise? CinemaBlend will keep an ear out for updates, but in the meantime, those looking for something new to watch should head on over to our summer premiere guide. For other Teen Mom news, check out the OG show's newest cast member who has a famous mom many people will remember.

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