Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 2 Trailer Features An Unexpected Wedding And Return Of Angelina

Jersey Shore Family Vacation was a big success for MTV, so when it came to the network renewing the reality show for Season 2, it wasted no time in getting the cast back out to film more footage. Now, the network has revealed the gang's latest adventure around America will premiere Thursday, August 23, and released a short video that teases an unexpected wedding and the return of the always polarizing Angelina Pivarnick:

Mr. and Mrs. Pauly D? From the looks of that Elvis-impersonating officiant, Pauly D seems to have secretly tied the knot in Vegas, although all things may not appear as they seem. For example, Pauly's bride to be looks awfully buff, and that tattoo on the left arm looks similar to the same one castmate Vinny Guadagnino has on his left arm. Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 1 featured the two men solidifying their long-standing bromance; will Season 2 be where they finally take things to the next level? Hopefully not, but only because we're hoping that if Vinny and Pauly D actually get married, they decide to do a couples wedding with Lauren and The Situation. What happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas when reality TV is involved.

The quick clip also showed Angelina Pivarnick back with the Jersey Shore Family Vacation cast, which confirms the rumors that the series brought her back for at least a couple episodes. Angelina is seen slapping Vinny in the face, and while things seem fairly innocent in this clip, hitting someone on the Jersey Shore never turns out well. This is especially true in the case of Angelina, whose various altercations with cast members on the Jersey Shore ultimately led to her leaving the house in Jersey Shore Season 2. Let's hope things work out for Angelina better this time around, as her first shot at redemption on Jersey Shore Family Vacation turned into a literal shit show.

The Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 2 tease also featured some baby stuff, as Deena revealed she was pregnant and Ronnie is seen caring for his daughter Ariana Sky. The Deena stuff, while exciting, isn't anything new, but the fact that there's footage of Ronnie and his daughter in the upcoming season certainly is. Ronnie's troubles with his baby mama Jen Harley have been well-documented during the off-season, and this footage of Ronnie and Ariana perhaps hints that Season 2 will dive deeper into that drama, and may even reveal some additional information about some of the couple's recent troubles.

Fans will just have to wait and see when Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 2 premieres Thursday, August 23. For a list of other shows coming to television this August, be sure to visit our summer premiere guide and never be out of the loop when it comes to television again. For more on Jersey Shore Family Vacation, read up about how the original Jersey Shore location didn't want the revival to film there.

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