Netflix Is Planning Shows That Will Let Viewers Choose The Ending

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Have you ever watched the ending to a show and thought it could have been better? Or, perhaps, wanted something entirely different? Well, Netflix is ready to explore the possibility of letting you choose how the story you have invested tons of time in should progress, as well as end. The opportunity comes by way of something known as interactive TV, and with Netflix getting behind it, interactive television could be the next big thing.

It is not going to be as simple as watching an entire television show and then going back to view an alternate ending. Rather, this format will allow viewers to choose how that journey unfolds in the first place. The streaming giant is currently developing a set of specials that will let viewers decide the next plot development in an episode of television or a movie, per Bloomberg. The move comes following Netflix having already released the kid series Puss in Book, which features the same model.

So, when can you expect to start seeing these new special projects? Soon, as in, before the end of the year soon, which is a time that is fast approaching. One of the shows set to try the experimental format is Netflix's sci-fi anthology series Black Mirror, which will be Netflix's first live-action adult-aimed series to do so. A deal for another live-action project has reportedly been closed with others being negotiated. At this point, though, you should probably not expect Stranger Things' upcoming season to offer various story offshoots.

Interactive television is a cool idea, and it will be interesting to see how it is utilized and on which shows. As you can imagine, it may not fit every series to take this route. The desire for viewers to have more control of the show they are investing time in does make this a sticky proposition, as creatives may have a singular vision for how the story they have created, unfolds.

Video games, which are readily mentioned in the report, have undoubtedly played a role in opening the door to a desire for this sort of storytelling. Years ago, when DVDs were taking over from VHS, there was ample talk of deleted scenes and alternate endings. Deciding to put those into the movie or allow viewers to watch it with the alternate ending first has not become as common a thing as first anticipated. That is something that makes interactive television so much more appealing.

You will get to choose plot lines as the show progresses, which means you will get to select the initial ending you get to see. This could make for a first impression that is, arguably, the most pivotal and long-lasting. Netflix is gearing up for a massive fall with this news, along with a lot of new television content set to bow this fall on the streaming giant, and, it is far from the only outlet offering tons of new content.

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