Legends Of Tomorrow's Crossover Is Going To Be Quite Different This Year

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As many fans will know by this point, one Arrow-verse series will be missing from this year's crossover event. The CW's Legends of Tomorrow will not be among the shows participating. The sting of that revelation has been salved thanks to some encouraging news. While The Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl are busy with their crossover, Legends of Tomorrow will be up to something. The superhero drama will be going big with its own crossover.

No, you did not misread anything. Legends of Tomorrow's showrunner, Keto Shimizu, confirmed the show's plot to TVLine. That plot includes a crossover within the series itself, as the episode will deal with "alternate time periods." From the sound of things, the Legends team will be mingling with themselves from different periods of time. The special episode will air the same week as the Arrow-verse crossover. So, do not expect to feel as though Legends of Tomorrow will be completely left out in the cold.

The crossover within a crossover should give fans something fun and special to enjoy. It will come when the other members of the Arrow-verse are hanging out with Batwoman. So, while it seems they may not have the pleasure of meeting her, there is some solace. They will be visiting with themselves. Actress Caity Lotz teased that fans will get to witness various sides of the team's members. That element sounds incredibly interesting.

It sounds as though fans can anticipate some fun conversations between alternate versions of the team's members. Constantine is not going to be made a member of the team right away in Season 4. So, it remains to be seen if he will be one of the characters talking to themselves. It will be intriguing to learn how many different time-period versions the Legends will encounter.

Legends of Tomorrow will be working from within to deliver a special episode for fans. Not being a part of the Arrow-verse crossover will be an adjustment this year. The good news is that with crossovers comes a trade-off regarding screen-time for the series' regular characters. The Legends Legends didn't have a whole lot to do in the entire "Crisis On Earth-X" crossover that primarily focused on evil versions of Supergirl and Green Arrow. Now, Legends of Tomorrow fans will be in for a double dose of their favorites.

As for interacting with different versions of themselves, Legends of Tomorrow has explored that nuance before. During its Season 2 finale, the team got to hang out with their past selves. Find out how the Legends' latest experience will work out when Season 4 gets underway.

The fourth season of Legends of Tomorrow is almost upon us. Season 4 will premiere Monday, October 22 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. Legends of Tomorrow is not the only superhero series returning or premiering on the superhero-heavy network this fall. The Arrow-verse crossover begins December 9 and concludes December 11.

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