Dancing With The Stars' John Schneider Has Lost A Ton Of Weight On The Show

Dancing with the Stars John Schneider weight loss on ABC.
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Warning: Spoilers for last night's Dancing with the Stars.

John Schneider survived another week on ABC's Dancing with the Stars. Something that has not survived? His original weight when he started the show. Many celebrities competing on the show have experienced weight loss. It tends to be a side effect that only intensifies as the competition wears on. Sometimes there's also an overall physical toll that has frequently been reported as rather painful. As for John Schneider, the result of his dancing competition experience has been a significant weight loss.

Having survived four weeks in the ballroom, the actor has revealed how much weight he has lost. John Schneider revealed to Fox News that he has shed a staggering 22 pounds since starting the show. The secret? Well, according to Schneider, the busy rehearsal schedule has made it difficult to find time to eat. He added that his advice for doing the show is to get on an eating schedule.

I'm trying to eat well [but] there's just no time. I don't want to eat before [dance rehearsals]. If I eat before we're dancing, that's uncomfortable, and by the time we're done, it's 10 o'clock at night and that's not really a time to eat. So it's hard to schedule that.

This is an interesting angle of the so-called Dancing with the Stars diet. To have John Schneider put in terms related to making time for nutrition, the weight loss contestants see happen now makes even more sense than it did before. It would be nice for the show to step in and perhaps schedule competitors' days a bit more. That way they would know when to break for lunch etc. A diet regimen might also be helpful. Certain foods would probably be more useful for training than others.

In last night's episode, John Schneider and his pro partner Emma Slater danced the tango. They were joined in the ballroom by N*Sync's Joey Fatone, as part of "Trio Night." The dance received a score of 21 out of 30. Having advanced to the next week -- fans will have to tune in to see what awaits the competitor. Whether Schneider will end up taking home the mirror ball trophy, he has earned a leaner figure.

It has been an intense process for John Schneider, who opened about the physical toll the show has taken. The Haves and the Have Nots star also revealed something else. Schneider shared what he has been having for breakfast. It turns out; he has been starting his day with omelets. Here is hoping Schneider can find time to have lunch and dinner on a more consistent basis. Given how he explained his schedule, it makes sense that he has not.

Dancing with the Stars seems like a blur of an experience. There are the constant rehearsals and then the actual show. The reward? Well, if a competitor survives the week, it is wash, rinse, repeat, of the previous one. It has to be an unnerving experience. There is that mirror ball trophy to look forward to, though. Find out how John Schneider's journey on the ABC reality competition series continues.

New episodes of Dancing with the Stars air Mondays starting at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. There are other new options to watch while you wait for the next return to the ballroom.

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