Emmy Rossum's First Post-Shameless TV Role Is Already Being Discussed

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Ahead of the launch of Shameless' ninth season, Emmy Rossum announced her impending exit from the dramedy. With the first half of Season 9 complete, it makes sense to wonder what is next for Rossum. Her husband, Sam Esmail, was recently asked if she would appear on his drama Homecoming. Esmail had this to say:

This is a spoiler-free zone, so I cannot comment...I wouldn't want to ruin it for you...I want to keep it fresh. . . . Of course [I'd be open to it]! Look, Emmy's a brilliant actress, I'd be lucky to have her in anything I make.

Based on what Sam Esmail told E!, you should not rule out Emmy Rossum making her way to Homecoming. Interestingly, he does mention the threat of spoilers, so who knows what the show has in store. Esmail would know for certain, better than anyone.

He executive produces and directs the series, which Amazon green-lit for two seasons. The podcast the series is based on has also had two seasons to date. Who Emmy Rossum would potentially play in Homecoming Season 2 is also open to speculation. If she does end up starring on the series, it may be a while before fans see her take center stage. The first season of the psychological thriller has not even premiered yet.

As for collaborating, that is certainly not an issue for the couple. Sam Esmail directed his future wife in the 2014 film, Comet, opposite Justin Long. He and Rossum got married in 2017. So, things apparently went well. Plus, in his quote, Sam Esmail sounds more than excited about the idea of her being involved.

Time will tell if the actress ends up showing up on the series. In the meantime, the final half of her Shameless run has yet to air. The midseason paved the way for Fiona's final episodes.

Shameless' executive producer said that he hoped fans would be pleased with where Fiona's story ends. The second half of her last season will kick off next year. There is still ample time for Emmy Rossum to announce a new project before her final episodes as Fiona air. Following Season 9, Shameless will be down two pivotal characters -- Cameron Monaghan's Ian and Rossum's Fiona.

After Emmy Rossum announced her departure, Shameless' creator weighed in. John Wells shared that the long-running dramedy would leave the door open for Fiona to return to the series. Fans should not have to brace themselves for an entirely dire ending.

While fans will have to wait and see which post-Shameless TV role Emmy Rossum ends up deciding on, she will be starring in a movie. The actress can be seen in Liam Neeson's upcoming revenge flick, Cold Pursuit.

Shameless Season 9B will premiere January 20, 2019 on Showtime. While you wait for the dramedy's return, there is no shortage of content arriving over fall, including Homecoming. The psychological thriller premieres November 2 on Amazon Video.

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