The Flash's Grant Gustin Was Totally Tripped Out By Tyler Hoechlin's Superman

the flash grant gustin season 5 costume

Over on The Flash, Grant Gustin has done things that many comic book fans could only dream of. As Barry Allen, he's faced down (a CGI) Gorilla Grodd, he's acted opposite an evil version of himself, and he punched a falling satellite alongside his future-daughter. But the Scarlet Speedster portrayer says that Tyler Hoechlin's Superman tripped him out harder than anything else. Referencing a photo Stephen Amell shared of Gustin's glee at the black Superman suit, the actor recently said this:

That was just like genuine, 'What are we supposed to do for this photo?' I was so flustered when I saw him in that thing. I hadn't worked with Tyler at all as Superman, so that was the trippiest thing I've experienced so far on the show.

As Arrow-verse fans are aware, Superman has been limited to use just on Supergirl, and only in non-crossover episodes. As such, Melissa Benoist is the only one of the titular heroes to have familiarized herself with Tyler Hoechlin's work as the Man of Steel. But something tells me Grant Gustin took zero time in getting the most out of his time opposite Hoechlin.

It's too bad Grant Gustin didn't share with EW whether or not he got to see Tyler Hoechlin rocking the traditional red and blue suit. But for now, his bubbly happiness will have to suffice. For those who missed the original post, here's what Gustin looked like upon meeting Superman for the first time.

Really, is any bad day at work really a bad day at work if it's happening opposite TV's latest Superman incarnation? I should say not. Even if this was the most boring and trite episode of an Arrow-verse show, getting The Flash and Superman together, along with Green Arrow and Superman and more, would be an extremely rare circumstance. Thankfully, the "Elseworlds" crossover looks to be the most extravagant mash-up yet.

This year's multi-show crossover will not only bring Superman to the forefront of the festivities, but also Lois Lane and the Kent family farm (and Batwoman and Gotham City and more). That doesn't just mean that fans are getting to see all of these things for the first time. It also means that Grant Gustin (and others) are getting to perform with all of these new elements for the first time. I can honesty say I've never had such a trippy experience in my own day job.

Not much is known about the crossover's narrative details at this point, with The CW and the various creative teams keeping a mostly tight lid on all that. (I'm actually surprised by how much has come out, actually.) We know that LaMonica Garrett will join the fun as The Monitor, giving the crossover a very "Crisis on Infinite Earths" feel, but we'll have to wait and see just how closely these episodes correlate to the comic arc.

The Flash is gearing up to drop its 100th episode on fans, which will come complete with the returns of multiple big bads from yesteryear, as Barry has to go back in time to acquire a few things needed in the fight against Cicada. And that's on top of the return of Weather Wizard and others coming back to wreak more havoc in Central City.

The Flash airs Tuesday nights on The CW at 8:00 p.m. ET. The "Elseworlds" crossover set to start up on Sunday, December 9, with an episode of The Flash on a special night, to be followed by Monday night's Arrow and Tuesday night's Supergirl. No Legends of Tomorrow involved this time, although it's being rumored that at least one Legends character will be popping into the crossover.

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