NCIS: LA Star Had 'Out Of Body' Experience Guesting On Will And Grace

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The new year will be bringing a new shot at romance for Will Truman. Will & Grace's titular first half will be meeting a new love interest by way of NCIS: L.A.'s Barrett Foa. The actor will make his debut following the series return in 2019. Foa has opened up about what it was like to be on the show, saying:

I've watched every single Will & Grace episode since its inception. When I first walked on set, I was in full out-of-body system overload. But as soon as I heard the laughter and applause of the live studio audience on taping day, it was clear all roads had led to this moment.

Dreams do come true! Barrett Foa revealed his "out-of-body" experience coming onto Will & Grace with TVLine. These are the stories you love to hear from actors. To read them talk about being fans too, then describe getting to be on said show. It sounds like it was a magically surreal experience for Foa.

Getting to be on Will & Grace was not the only enchanting aspect of Barrett Foa's run on the sitcom. He also shared that kissing his leading man, Eric McCormack, had its benefits too. Foa excitedly revealed:

Eric McCormack is such an excellent smoocher. I kept asking for more takes!

It sounds like Barrett Foa absolutely enjoyed his experience on the sitcom. Now, the question is whether he will be back in the future.

A few months ago, it was announced that Barrett Foa would guest star as a new romantic interest for Will. Guest, as in not recur, the typical buzzword for a longer-term stint. Could Will find romance, only for it to slip away again? It sounds sadly likely to be the case.

To recap, Barrett Foa will play Paul, who -- like Will -- is an educator. All sounds good so far. They have careers in common and presumably interests. What could go wrong? Well, apparently something will.

At the time his Will & Grace casting was announced, it was stated that details surrounding Paul's home life would emerge. Thus, putting Will in the midst of an "ethical dilemma." That does not bode incredibly well for their burgeoning relationship in the long-term. It should be nice while it lasts, though.

Will recently struck up a romance with Matt Bomer's McCoy Whitman. Unfortunately, he tried to be someone other than himself, which is not the best way to start a long-term relationship. Thankfully, Will is not giving up on love. Will he eventually find it with Paul? Maybe not in this upcoming episode.

Barrett Foa sounds like he would not be opposed to reprising the role. How often does one get to be on their dream show once, let alone more? Depending on how things leave off between Paul and Will in the episode, fans may get a clearer picture regarding their future.

Barrett Foa is an original cast member on NCIS: L.A. He plays Eric Beale on the popular spinoff. All signs indicate, he is will-ing to be back. Will & Grace fans will just have to stay tuned to find out if he does.

Will & Grace will return with new episodes in 2019 on NBC. Beginning January 31, 2019, the hit sitcom will move to Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. ET. The revival was among many shows airing new episodes this fall. It will be among many other series making their return in the new year. Right now, you can catch Eric McCormack on his excellent Netflix sci-fi show Travelers, which just released Season 3.

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