The Flash Midseason Premiere Adds The Vampire Diaries Star As Meta-Tech Villain

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The Flash has added a Vampire Diaries alum for a significant role in its midseason premiere. The superhero series cast Gabrielle Walsh to play a meta-tech villain, and the character sounds haunting.

That is because Gabrielle Walsh will star as Silver Ghost. The newly introduced Flash villain can "control engines" and "motorized technology," per TVLine. So, she has some considerable superpowers at her disposal. Cars sound like one of the more obvious things that she will be able to maneuver.

Teaming up with Silver Ghost will be Weather Witch, fresh from jail. The duo will undoubtedly prove to be a challenge for Team Flash. Gabrielle Walsh is billed as a guest star, so this sounds as though it may be a short on-screen arc.

The role sounds intriguing, so who knows what could happen. Being introduced in the midseason premiere is a prime spot for a debut. All of the details hint at a supercharged return for The Flash. The episode's synopsis says Caitlin and Cisco discuss a cure for meta-humans.

That plot could indicate Silver Ghost may not be able to have her powers for much longer. Considering the common staple that meta-humans have been on The Flash, Cisco and Caitlin curing meta-humans feels unlikely to happen. The team being able to stop Silver Ghost is a much likelier aspiration.

For The Vampire Diaries fans, the casting offers the opportunity to see a memorable actress from that show on another The CW series. For those in need of a refresher, Gabrielle Walsh starred in The Vampire Diaries Season 6.

The actress played a character originally introduced as Damon and Stefan's great-great-and-so-on niece, Sarah Salvatore. She ended up being revealed as an imposter, whose real name was Monique. It sounds as though Gabrielle Walsh will be playing someone more villainous than a con artist on The Flash. You may also know the actress from Shameless, East Los High, and Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, among other roles.

Elsewhere in the midseason premiere, Iris and Barry's daughter Nora will be handling the aftermath of a seismic revelation. She will learn it was Thawne that murdered her grandmother. That should change things where Nora's alliance with Thawne is concerned.

This episode should be a pretty action-packed midseason premiere. Thanks to the trailer for the upcoming installment, fans know that Barry and Nora's relationship will experience some major turbulence. There are a lot of questions that the rest of the season could take the time to answer.

Fans do not have too much longer to wait before they could potentially start getting those answers. The Flash returns Tuesday, January 15 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. The superhero drama is among many shows returning in the midseason.

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