Jersey Shore Family Vacation May Have A Controversial New Addition To Its Cast In Season 3

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Jersey Shore Family Vacation is returning for Season 3, even though its cast may struggle to get together. With so many cast members tied up in life events, the reality series could always extend invitations to others to fill in for those absent. It appears someone outside the central squad is willing to join in, although his presence may be controversial. JWoww's estranged husband Roger Mathews is looking to show up in Season 3, and things may get ugly if he does.

Right now, it's alleged that Roger Mathews has reached out to MTV to be on Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 3, and not the other way around in this case. Mathews isn't even asking to be paid for it, but rather to have a platform to share his side of what has been a dramatic months-long story involving a split from his wife JWoww.

Could it actually happen? Possibly. US Weekly reports that MTV has not made a decision about including Mathews, but reported that the decision is up to JWoww. So...possibly not.

Roger Mathews' has reportedly had a chance to previously be on Jersey Shore Family Vacation more than he has been, but JWoww's husband is said to have always declined MTV's offers to be a bigger part of the fun. Instead, Mathews made headlines with bizarre social media posts that confused viewers while JWoww was filming Season 1, Things escalated later that year when news broke JWoww filed for divorce from Mathews, a situation few fans likely expected to happen.

It's been a rollercoaster ride since then, too, with JWoww and Roger's relatively private relationship generating more headlines than ever before. The couple seemed to be working out their differences after the divorce news, but then police were called to their home, resulting in JWoww being granted a temporary order of protection from Mathews. Bringing on Mathews as a cast member could obviously complicate those legal terms, so MTV might balk at the option at this stage.

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With that said, it's not as though Jersey Shore Family Vacation has ever balked at a chance to bring someone on for the sake of controversy. Formerly ousted Jersey Shore castmate Angelina Pivarnick was brought in to stir trouble in the spinoff, and Ronnie's baby mama Jen Harley has made frequent appearances despite their constant relationship troubles. With a history like that, it's hard to believe MTV won't find some way to incorporate Roger Mathews if he's willing to appear.

For now, there's no indication that Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 3 will contain footage of Roger Mathews. With that said, he's also been noticeably quiet on social media in 2019, which may be either at the insistence of his attorney or MTV wishing to save some drama for the camera.

Those answers won't come until Jersey Shore Family Vacation returns this summer, which means fans have plenty of time to kill watching the programs on our midseason premiere guide. In the meantime, tell us what you think about Roger's potential inclusion below!

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