Could Marvel’s Lady Sif Get Her Own Disney+ Series?

Lady Sif on TV in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

We know that Disney is creating a streaming service and calling it Disney+. We also know that the company will be using the streaming platform to bring in additional Star Wars and Marvel products. The rest is mostly still a mystery, but a rumor has it one of those Marvel projects could feature around Lady Sif. Here's what is allegedly being discussed.

If this rumor holds true, it would mean Lady Sif would be back on our screens sooner rather than later. Discussing Film says the project is in "early development" and that Kevin Feige would be producing should it move forward. If the news is legitimate, Jaimie Alexander would also be back playing Lady Sif. (Therefore indicating it would be an adult Lady Sif in the project.)

Lady Sif has appeared on the small screen prior, popping up in episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. earlier on in that show's run.

The last time Thor was on the big screen in a solo outing, his female pal Lady Sif was missing in action. The actress who plays her, Jaimie Alexander, was busy with her NBC series Blindspot. Blindspot is still airing on NBC, despite being on the bubble last season; however, there's a chance the show could be ending after this TV season, leaving the actress open to take on new projects.

In fact, Lady Sif has not been a part of Marvel's at all, and the Russo Brothers later confirmed she was snapped out of existence by Thanos. A transition to the small screen might be a cool goal for the character.

The other point that is germane here is that the rumored Lady Sif series is being billed as a "limited series," making it easier to film amidst other projects. Network TV films for a huge chunk of the year. Limited streaming shows, especially those that are expected to be one-offs, are much less of a time suck to produce.

To be clear, currently Disney and its streaming service are not confirming a Lady Sif streaming show is in the works. Currently, Disney has only officially confirmed there is a Loki-oriented streaming project that is coming together. Although other projects have been rumored for Disney+, including this one and a Scarlet Witch project, to me the fact that Disney is keeping mum about what is in early development could mean no hard decisions about what projects are moving forward have been made yet.

That said, Disney+ is expected to become a reality in September of 2019. Therefore, decisions are going to need to be made sooner rather than later, and we'll keep you posted as myriad projects start moving forward at Disney.

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