Tom Hiddleston Has An Awesome Message For Loki Fans

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Loki's status as of the end of Avengers: Infinity War had a lot of Marvel fans bummed for a long time, but good news came with the announcement that Loki is set to get a series of his own on the upcoming Disney streaming service, which only just received a name. Tom Hiddleston is slated to reprise the role for the small screen, and he shared an exciting (if somewhat cryptic) message for fans on social media:

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The God of Mischief is on his way back! Rumors of Tom Hiddleston getting a Loki series have been circulating for quite a while, and recent confirmation meant that the series was actually going to happen, but it finally feels real now that Hiddleston himself has commented on the new project.

Did he give any details away about what to expect? Unsurprisingly, no. But there are definitely reasons to be excited about the series coming to Disney+. It even motivated Hiddleston to tweet for the first time since March 2017! He may be even more excited than his fans, if such a thing is possible!

When news first broke of Disney+ producing live-action Marvel series, Loki was one of two fan-favorite MCU characters listed as likely getting a show. The bad news for any fans who are hoping for six seasons and a movie is that the Marvel projects were originally listed as "limited series," and that's likely still the case. The limited series were listed as expected to run for six to eight episodes each.

Loki certainly makes sense as a big-name MCU hero to get a show of his own, even if it is limited. The series were announced as designed to showcase fan favorites from the MCU who haven't gotten their own movies. The news meant that we shouldn't expect an Iron Man or Black Panther TV show on Disney+, but Loki is arguably the perfect fit.

Thor's brother is immensely popular with fans, and his constantly changing allegiances means fans may not be able to guess what's in store for a show all about him. Will he be a hero following Thor's example? Or will he be self-serving to the point of villainy? Will he be a full villain like in The Avengers or funny like in Thor: Ragnarok?

We'll have to wait and see. Disney+ isn't scheduled to debut until next year, and Disney hasn't announced a window for Loki's series to begin production, let alone premiere on the streaming service. That said, Disney did recently announce bonus exciting news on top of Loki getting his series. A second live-action Star Wars series is in the works, and this one will feature a Rogue One star reprising his role for a prequel story.

If the budget for these shows is anywhere near the budget reported earlier this year for Disney+ series, we can probably expect them to look as close to cinematic as anything that has ever hit television. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest in exciting superhero news, and swing by our fall TV premiere schedule for viewing options while we wait for Loki to grace the small screen.

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