Grey's Anatomy's Kevin McKidd Totally Reunited With Sandra Oh At The Golden Globes

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It has been four years since Kevin McKidd and Sandra Oh shared the screen on Grey's Anatomy as Owen Hunt and Cristina Yang. Thankfully, the Golden Globes gave the former co-stars the chance to reunite. McKidd opened up about his reunion with Oh, saying:

I hung out with her that night after she won. She invited me to her after-party. It was pretty amazing to see her get such props and be honored in that way. I was a bit tearful. She saw me across the room and she ran over and we hugged for a long, long time. . . . She was terrified about the hosting thing. It's not what we [as actors] are trained to do. But she nailed it. I was really proud of her.

How lovely is that? Kevin McKidd talked about his heartfelt reunion with Sandra Oh with TVLine. The former Grey's Anatomy co-stars' reunion sounds pretty epic, and it could not have happened under better circumstances. Oh won the Golden Globe award for Best Actress in a Television Series for her highly acclaimed performance in Killing Eve.

She previously earned a Golden Globe for her work on Grey's Anatomy in 2016. Sandra Oh's Killing Eve win was her first in the lead category, having previously won in supporting. Suffice it to say, there was a lot for Oh and Kevin McKidd to celebrate and hug over.

Given that Sandra Oh also co-hosted the Golden Globes, it is impressive that she and Kevin McKidd found time to reunite. Where there is a will, there is a way! There were a lot of reasons for the co-stars to will their reunion into existence. McKidd talked about his gratitude for their strong relationship, saying:

Some co-stars hate each other. [laughs] But I feel very fortunate in these last years of my career to have been blessed with Sandra Oh and now Caterina Scorsone.

Based on how Kevin McKidd, emphasized the "hate" each other part, it makes a bond like his and Sandra Oh's all the more special. The two maintained a strong working relationship and those sentiments have not wavered following Oh's Grey's Anatomy exit. That is impressive!

Kevin McKidd and Sandra Oh built their bond while sharing the screen on Grey's Anatomy for many years. McKidd joined the cast in Season 5 and Oh left the show at the end of Season 10. For many of the five seasons they co-starred on the medical drama, Cristina and Owen were in a front-burner romantic relationship. The characters got married before eventually divorcing.

Sharing so much time together on Grey's Anatomy and in so many intense storylines is a make-or-break-it environment for co-stars. Kevin McKidd talked about how some of the difficult times they had individually, off-screen, led them to rely on each other. They are very fortunate to have forged such a robust relationship.

Whether Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd will ever share the screen on Grey's Anatomy again is unclear. One of the recent times she was asked about a potential return to the show, Oh indicated she would not want to come back. Minds have been known to change though.

Who knows? If and when Grey's Anatomy eventually comes to an end, Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd may get a chance to co-star again.

Ultimately, Cristina and Owen's romantic relationship did not work out. Thankfully, the beautiful bond between their portrayers has continued.

Find out what's next for Kevin McKidd's Owen when new episodes of Grey's Anatomy air Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. In case you need a reminder, Grey's Anatomy will return for its midseason premiere January 17, along with several other series.

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