Will FX Work On More Marvel Shows After Legion? Here's What The CEO Told Us

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FX and Marvel's collaborative series Legion has earned loads of critical acclaim and it's safe to say there are those wondering if there will be more collaborations between the two companies following the show's conclusion. At least there are those of us who are wondering at CinemaBlend. Our own Nick Venable spoke to FX CEO John Landgraf, who laid out how the network's relationship with Marvel is at the moment, as well as where it could be headed in the future.

I find graphic novel adaptations really challenging, but they're great. It's really been fun working on Legion. We've been working on Y: The Last Man for a long time, and I'm really thrilled that we're finally able to greenlight the series. And yeah, we keep talking to Marvel about doing more with them. They obviously have a lot of things they've done that have nothing to do with us. But I'd love to find more stuff to do with them.

John Landgraf revealed to us that working on Legion has been fun, and that FX is always in talks with Marvel about doing more together. As for Marvel Television's opinion on the matter, Executive Vice President Jeph Loeb didn't mention those discussions during the recent TCA panel for Legion, but did say a future collaboration is possible if Legion creator Noah Hawley approached him with the same cast and a fresh idea for another Marvel-based graphic novel tale involving those characters he felt FX would be on board.

So, it appears that both FX and Marvel would be open to collaborating again, and are currently talking about the ways that could happen going forward. Meanwhile, John Landgraf continued to dote on graphic novel adaptations, and name-dropped a specific one he's looking forward to seeing on another network, mentioning,

There are still a lot of great, really innovative, original shows to be made based on graphic novels, and I hope we get to make some of them. I'm looking forward to Watchmen, for example. I'm a big Damon Lindelof fan, and I'm just really curious to see what he does with that.

It's interesting that John Landgraf has his eyes on Watchmen, as it could've aired on FX given the network's relaxed standards on vulgarity. If Landgraf is looking to do that, then it's possible FX could eventually even house some of the former Netflix Marvel shows that will be available to create new episodes for in a couple of years. Provided that's something FX would even be interested in, of course, as the fact that all of these shows previously existed on Netflix could muddy up the graphic novel format. But who knows. The Marvel and FX future is wide open at this point!

Audiences have plenty of time to wait for Marvel and FX to unite again for a project that suits both parties needs, especially considering there are a good number of networks currently airing Marvel shows at the moment--plus a streaming service to come. Luckily, FX has plenty of other stuff coming up, including What We Do In The Shadows, and you can check it all our with our midseason premiere guide.

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