Benedict Cumberbatch Will Play Satan In Amazon's Good Omens

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Benedict Cumberbatch is returning to the small screen, but not to tackle his iconic role as Sherlock Holmes. (Not yet, at least.) No, the actor has landed a role in the upcoming adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Good Omens, which premieres on Amazon later this year. Cumberbatch is on board to play Satan.

Yes, the Sherlock and Doctor Strange star has signed on to play Satan for Good Omens, but don't expect to see him in the flesh. Benedict Cumberbatch will actually be voicing Satan. While that might disappoint Cumberbatch fans who would rather see him in live-action, there's a very good reason why he won't appear as Satan.

Neil Gaiman, who wrote the Good Omens novel, revealed at the TCA press tour panel for the new show (via Deadline) how Benedict Cumberbatch will be incorporated as Satan:

It’s a giant animated Satan. He turns up and we needed a performance that works. So we found a young British help that needed a lot of direction from Douglas… Benedict Cumberbatch.

Benedict Cumberbatch is a versatile actor who can do many things on screen, but appearing as a giant animated Satan isn't really within any actor's wheelhouse. While Neil Gaiman didn't give away exactly what viewers should expect Cumberbatch's Satan to look like, he should be equal to the role. Cumberbatch has plenty of experience with voice-acting. I have to wonder how he felt when he learned he was deemed the right man for the job of Satan!

Prospective viewers shouldn't count on seeing lots of Benedict Cumberbatch's Satan on Good Omens. Satan will only appear in the sixth episode, which is also the season finale. Still, I'm guessing what screentime he has will be compelling. Neil Gaiman and Co. needed a memorable and formidable actor to play Satan because they landed a memorable and formidable actress to play God.

Frances McDormand, who won an Academy Award and a Golden Globe in 2018 for her performance in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, is the voice of God on Good Omens. Will Benedict Cumberbatch be a worthy equal as Satan?

Benedict Cumberbatch and Frances McDormand are only two of the star-studded cast of Good Omens. David Tennant (Doctor Who) and Michael Sheen (Masters of Sex) star as a loose-living Demon and a fussy Angel, respectively. They team up to prevent the Armageddon, as they had become fond of life on Earth. Also appearing on Good Omens are Jon Hamm, Nick Offerman, Jack Whitehall, Miranda Richardson, Adria Arjona, Michael McKean, Anna Maxwell Martin, Mireille Enos, and another Doctor Who alum.

The very good news is that Amazon has finally given Good Omens a premiere date. The show will hit the web for Amazon subscribers on Friday, May 31. All things considered, 2019 is already shaping up to be a big year for Amazon. Jack Ryan was just renewed for a third season, a superhero series is on the way, and more. For some upcoming Amazon premiere dates, swing by our 2019 midseason schedule.

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