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Disney princesses have long been a cash cow for the Disney brand, and while a whole series centered on that scene with them in Ralph Breaks The Internet would be great, the House of Mouse is possibly tapping a different set of characters for an upcoming Disney+ show. It turns out the villains may get a chance to shine on the streaming platform, as reports say Disney is moving forward on a project called Book Of Enchantment.

The project, which has not been officially confirmed by Disney, is said to be an adaptation of the popular Villains novels by Serena Valentino. Deadline reports the project comes from Michael Seitzman, who has worked as an executive producer and writer on shows like Quanitco and Code Black. Seitzman is reported to have been working on the concept for six months, and is writing a pilot and a bible for the show's universe. He will be the showrunner.

As of now Book of Enchantment is reported not to have an official green light as its budget is sorted out, but it is currently hiring writers and looking for shooting locations. At the moment the tentative plan seems to be to shoot in the UK, with dates for shooting projected to be around 2020. ABC Signature Studios and Michael Seitzman's ABC Studios-based Maniac Productions are also both a part of the project's production.

Story details are unknown, although the Villains stories have focused on origins that explain how Disney's baddest of the bad came to be. Basically, they're origin stories similar to the film Maleficent, although the plan is to interweave the classic Disney tales and tell them in a brand new way. So, does this mean this project is something similar to The Descendants, but with adults? Disney is planning on family-oriented programming, so it isn't too crazy to think.

Book Of Enchantment is another possible Disney+ original series to add to the bunch, which is currently comprised of Marvel, Star Wars, and a couple other things. With two high profile projects that, judging from The Mandalorian's reported budget, may have big budgets of their own, it will be interesting to see if Disney gives this potential project a sizable budget as well. If so, this could be a potential series that may be Disney's most exciting addition to date.

Right now nothing's official regarding Book Of Enchantment, however, so CinemaBlend will keep an eye out for any relevant updates or exciting developments in this potential Disney+ project. Audiences can busy themselves with other exciting things in the meantime, such as the plethora of television shows popping up in the coming weeks. Keep track of everything new and returning that's on the way with our handy midseason premiere guide.

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