Watch Married With Children's David Faustino Take On Blossom's Joey Lawrence In Exclusive Drop The Mic Video

The hills of TNT's Drop the Mic will soon be alive with the sound of '90s child actors recalling their beloved former sitcoms in amusingly disparaging ways. Married with Children vet and current radio host David Faustino is set to take on Blossom alum and recent Celebrity Big Brother star Joey Lawrence in a Battle of the Beloved Blockheaded Brothers. Check out an exclusive clip from the episode below!

I know what you're thinking: "That was the most magical clip possible to have gone with my breakfast / lunch / dinner / midnight snack that was postponed until the next day." Believe me, I won't be the one to dispute that line of thinking, because this is one of those TV moments that couldn't have possibly felt like a potential reality in years past. A reality it became, however, and we're all the better for it.

As it usually goes on Drop the Mic, the warring celeb contestants look back to their opponents' pasts for lyrical fodder, and both David Faustino and Joey Lawrence's muses had much to choose from. In his verse, Lawrence brought up Married with Children co-star Christina Applegate, Faustino's slight stature, and the actor's arrest for marijuana possession.

Joey Lawrence saved the best for the end of his initial verse, though. He stole any thunder that could be coupled with knocking him for his somehow-iconic catchphrase "Whoa!" How did that become so much of a thing, seriously?

For his comeback verse, David Faustino started off by pointing out that people might not even know Joey Lawrence for anything other than "Whoa!" A fair enough point, certainly. Faustino also goes after Lawrence's lack of hair, his Trump-would-diss-it tan, and the best pun of the video came when Faustino said Lawrence "blossomed" too early. We can only hope that he cleverly name-checked Brotherly Love elsewhere in the battle.

While David Faustino may have had the best pun, Joey Lawrence had the best reaction in the clip after he got compared to a sentient wax figure.

That's the reaction I had after hearing how badly Lawrence wants to be the new Batman.

Amusingly enough, both of these Drop the Mic celebs have legitimate music backgrounds. Married with Children's crude comedy helped put Fox on the network map, thanks in part to David Faustino's Bud "I'm a twerp who pretends I'm a stud" Bundy. The character's rapper persona, Grandmaster B may have been a total joke, Faustino also released a rap album in real life under the name D'Lil, and has had a hand in helping promote independent rappers via his radio show and other means.

Joey Lawrence, whose midseason TV return was a welcomed one, also tried capitalizing on his early fame by showing off his real life musical talents. (Not that Joey Russo had a whole lot of talents outside of sports.) He released his self-titled first album in 1993 at the age of 16, and followed it up four years later with Soulmates. More recently, he started getting musical with his acting brothers Matthew and Andy Lawrence, to perform under the name Still Three.

What did you guys think about the battle above? Let us know who you think won in the poll below, and be sure to check out their Drop the Mic episode airing on TNT on Wednesday, March 13, at 10:00 p.m. ET.

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