The Full House Cast Is Largely Avoiding Commenting On Lori Loughlin's Arrest

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Actress Lori Loughlin, who found mainstream fame as the charming Aunt Becky on Full House, is currently one of dozens of parents recently charged with taking part in a high-profile college admissions scam. The nation-rocking scandal has been at the center of many conversations recently, with Loughlin not being the only recognizable name on that list. None of those conversations, however, appear to be happening with any of her Full House (or Fuller House) co-stars.

For some background: on Tuesday, March 12, Lori Loughlin and her husband Mossimo Giannulli were charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services mail fraud, in connection with the overarching admissions scheme. She surrendered on March 13, and was released on a $1 million bail.

By this point after a celebrity's arrest, social media tends to be awash with kind and compassionate messages from certain friends and colleagues. But let's take a look at what each member from Lori Loughlin's Full House crew has been up to.

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John Stamos 

Having played Lori Loughlin's romantic interest for most of her Full House and Fuller House journeys, John Stamos has shared quite a few special moments with the actress over the years, both on and off the set. But the last thing he posted on social media was a picture of him playing guitar in front of Johnny Knoxville, with Tom Jones in the background.

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Cool picture, to be sure, but that was from March 11, the day before news of the scandal broke. Otherwise, all quiet from John Stamos on the Twitter and Instagram front.

Stamos did get stopped by TMZ and was asked for his comments about the matter. Here's how he responded as he walked to his car

No comment. Nooo comment.

Clearly, John Stamos did not want to talk about Lori Loughlin's legal troubles at that point. So let's move on from Jesse and Becky.

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Bob Saget 

Now the host of ABC's slightly racy clip show Videos After Dark, Bob Saget played Lori Loughlin's co-anchor on Full House's morning show Wake Up, San Francisco for a long time. That fictional partnership returned strong on the Netflix sequel, which is going into its final season.

However, Saget's social media made no mention of Loughlin in the past couple of days. Instead, he was in full promotion mode for his ongoing stand-up comedy tour, as well as his recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! The tweet below kind of sums up both.

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Note that Bob Saget sat with Jimmy Kimmel on this talk show on the same day that Lori Loughlin got charged, but it didn't come up once during the interview. Perhaps they were completely shielded from the information before that. But considering Saget has posted and retweeted quite a few things in recent days, it's clear that he's not trying to wade into controversial waters concerning Loughlin.

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Candace Cameron Bure 

Arguably the lead actress on Fuller House, Candace Cameron Bure is generally as busy on social media as any of her co-stars, and she hasn't been on complete radio silence, either. But like others, she's not spending any of her posting time talking about Lori Loughlin's troubles.

Rather, she's been busy lobbying for herself and Fuller House to take home the gold (as it were) for the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards. Four posts in two days about the cable giant's awards show, but nothing about her fictional Aunt Becky.

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Beyond the Kids' Choice Awards marketing push, Candace Cameron Bure also shared a picture of the Bible verse above. The meaning behind the post or the verse itself is open to interpretation, given the context of the situation.

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Jodie Sweetin 

In the years when she wasn't playing the middle Tanner family sister Stephanie, Jodie Sweetin had some of her own personal demons to deal with, via years of substance abuse. Alas, she made it out of the other side intact and back in the spotlight for Fuller House.

But Jodie Sweetin has also been mum about all things Lori Loughlin-related. On social media, she's been mostly silent, having posted this on March 11.

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The actress was approached by TMZ at an airport. Though the outlet attempted to get some kind of statement out of her, Jodie Sweetin limited her responses to a single syllable.


Jodie Sweetin appeared none too happy to be asked about the matter, so perhaps this subject is a rather sore spot for the Fuller House star.

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Andrea Barber 

Andrea Barber's Kimmy Gibbler and Lori Loughlin's Becky Donaldson-Katsopolis probably had less to do with each other than any two main characters on the show. Not that the two actresses aren't friendly behind the scenes or anything. That said, Barber has been just as silent on the college admissions scandal as everyone else in the Netflix show's cast.

In fact, her most recent Tweet was a Netflix ad that is well worth watching for anyone who hasn't yet seen it.

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It's easy to understand why Andrea Barber may not have wanted to talk about pressing matters, or do anything else, after scarfing down cheesesticks and mayo like that.

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Dave Coulier 

There probably aren't any Full House fans out there who thought that Full House vet and stand-up comic Dave Coulier would have the hottest takes about Lori Loughlin's legal issues. And true to those presumed expectations, Coulier hasn't said a thing about them.

He did hop on Instagram in the past couple of days to promote some upcoming shows, however, as well as to celebrate Pi Day, March 14, in true style.

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Fans probably shouldn't expect Dave Coulier to talk about Lori Loughlin during his comedy act at Walt Disney World, either.

Lori Loughlin's next court date is scheduled to be in Boston on March 29, though we'll probably hear a lot of other details and reveals about the college admissions scheme before then. Considering the lack of responses given by the Fuller House peeps, one has to wonder if this is perhaps foreshadowing the actress having to bow out of appearing in the Netflix comedy's final season. Stay tuned for more info on that front as it becomes available.

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