Fuller House's Candace Cameron Bure Says To Expect Wedding Bells In Season 5

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Fuller House is coming to an end, but not before some wedding bells ring out in Season 5. The question is for who? Teasing what may be ahead for the final season, Candace Cameron Bure revealed she expects someone to walk down the aisle. Bure said:

I think there's gonna be some wedding bells! I think probably wedding bells -- who knows for which couple, but we have plenty to choose from.

It is interesting to note that Candace Cameron Bure told ET, a “couple” may tie the knot. Hinting there may not be multiple weddings. To be fair, Fuller House squeezing in more than one set of nuptials may be pushing it. Now to the candidates.

Jimmy proposed to Stephanie at the end of Fuller House Season 4. Thus, setting the stage for the wedding that Candace Cameron Bure was potentially referring too. The series did close up what is now set to be the penultimate season with all signs hinting that is where Fuller House is going.

Acting as their surrogate, Kimmy gave birth to Jimmy and Stephanie’s baby in the revival’s fourth season finale. Their first child is an as-yet-to-be-named daughter. Shortly afterward, Jimmy proposed as an ecstatic Stephanie accepted. They seem to be the most likely candidate to get married.

Jimmy and Stephanie’s marriage will bring Fuller House “full” circle. The reboot opened up with D.J. having a family, while also dealing with her raising her sons as a single mom following the death of her husband. Stephanie entered the series single. So, in many ways, the revival has been about viewers getting to watch Stephanie start her family.

Stephanie and Jimmy are not the only candidates, though. Kimmy and Fernando could also give it another go by getting remarried in Season 5. Likewise, D.J. and Steve could also tie the knot. If either D.J. or Stephanie get married, hopefully Michelle will be able to make it. Yes, even it means recasting her.

One thing that may be on the table (but hopefully is not) is a triple wedding. As lovely as it is that D.J., Kimmy, and Stephanie have grown so close, that would just be too much, in my humble opinion.

As for the show coming to an end, it feels to me like only yesterday that the revival was announced. Fuller House made its debut in 2016. Flash forward two years and four seasons, and Netflix recently announced that the show would be ending with Season 5.

The cast has previously opened up with their reactions to knowing Season 5 will be the revival’s last. Amid the discussion of what will happen in Season 5, Jodie Sweetin talking about how she is handling the cancellation.

She said that while she will be sad to leave, she takes solace in knowing that “these people” will still be in her life forever. Jodie Sweetin expressed not having as much certainty about that when Full House ended all those years ago in 1995.

It is wonderful that Jodie Sweetin is able to find the silver lining in everything. The final season of Fuller House is slated to premiere in fall 2019 on Netflix. The first four seasons of Fuller House are currently streaming on Netflix, along with lots of other new content. There will be lots of other show premiering in the meantime.

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